97.7 The River The best radio station in 2023

97.7 The River The best radio station in 2023

At this present time, 97.7 The River KVRV is a commercial. In the first place, At this time to radio station licensed to Monte Rio, California.

KVRV airs an exemplary exciting music design marked as “The River” (a neighborhood reference to the Russian River). Their studios are in Santa Rosa. KVRV airs an exemplary exciting music design marked as “The River.”

Northern California’s Classic Rock radio broadcast. The most intense sticks ever, free show passes, live and live neighborhood characters, similar to The Danny Wright Show Mornings, and the home 55 minutes business free every workday.

97.7 The River The best radio station in addition

At this present time, 97.7 The River is a business radio broadcast. As a matter of fact authorized to Monte Rio, California, broadcasting.

In the same way Above all, the Santa Rosa, California region. broadcasting.  Above all, the Santa Rosa, California region. As well, KVRV is an FM radio broadcasting at 97.7 MHz.

The station communicates exemplary excellent music programming. In addition and airs “97.7 The River” with the trademark “Exemplary Rock for the North Bay”. Amaturo Sonoma Media claims KVRV.

At this present time, 97.7 The River. KVRV – Classic Rock for the Bay of Bengal – No re-work day. As well as, Sonoma County Radio Station

Meanwhile to this Bounce and Tom Show, Acoustic Storm, Afternoon, Breakfast. The Beatles, Classic Rock to North Bay, Community Outlook, Evening. 

As well as, Lobster Rock Box, Middies, Rick Powell, Talking Sports, Deep End. The Waking Crew J.F. Waterman, Chris Carter, Paul “Lobster” Wells.

All in all, Tommy Boyd, Mad Dog, Nick Michaels, Danny Doer. Equally important, MATCHER SONOMA MEDIA Classic Rock KVRV. As a matter of fact, The River/Santa Rosa, CA Longtime San Francisco.

As well As, and Santa Roger radio character Danny Wright have been reported. At this time, to have the show on Monday, August 22nd.

Wright holds PD/Noon at Santa Rosa for both MATCH Sonoma Media’s KMHX (MIX 104.9). And KHTH (HT101.7) and will keep on taking care of PD obligations for Mix 104.9.

This radio station history

In addition, he has past morning show encounters at KIOI and KJQZ/San Francisco, XHTO/EL Pasho, and KSXY/Santa Rosa.

As a matter of fact Remark by Amateur Sonoma Media VP Programming/Operations Jim Murphy. By the same token”Danny Wright’s enthusiasm. Together with for the contemporary mainstream society.

Meanwhile, and sports and the show will bring an extraordinary arrangement. He’s Lived in the North Bay, and he will add to our obligation to live and nearby local area radio.”

97.7 The River PD Mike Waterman adds above all. In the light of, The new Danny Wright show will be brilliant. 

All in all, A ton of exemplary awesome music from LED Zeppelin. As well as, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Russian, AC/DC and some more. That is to say 97.7 The River Famous IV.”

97.7 the River is a business radio broadcast authorized in Monte Rio, California, broadcasting Santa Rosa in California. KVRV airs an exemplary exciting music design known as “The River.”

97.7 the River, It was introduced to the media world and the internet web. As an independent cultural and news radio, paying more attention to the young people.

And open to various trends and ideas, within a rational framework, characterized. 97.7 the River, By all means, being balanced and accurate in getting the information.

It relys on press and radio broadcasting methods of a high level of professionalism. 97.7 the River, Put in a simple style and in sound yet easy Usa language.

It aims to serve the community through the culture of human rights.

97.7 The River, The concepts of democracy and citizenship. The spirit of tolerance and cultivating.

97.7 the River The desire to participate in the process of total reform which our societies need.

Radio contacts

Phone: 707- 636-0977

Email: [email protected]

97.7 The River