Ahzu Mix Radio

Ahzu Mix Radio:

Ahzu Mix Radio live broadcasting from USA. We enjoy promoting new releases from major and indie artists. Regular shows and featured mixes are conducted by Ahzu Direct and many other DJs from the Nerve Djs Coalition. We invite you to tune in 24/7 and be the first to hear the latest music as we add new songs to our programming on a daily basis.

The  Ahzu Mix Radio playlist and presents the option of playing around the clock music programming 24/7 online. The website www.ahzumix.com acts as the radio directory and constant blog posts keeping users updated with the latest music and entertainment news from around the world.

The Artists, DJs and Record Labels can submit music via the “Submissions” page by using a simple multi step form which will allow the upload of MP3 files and cover art for the submitted song. The network can also be accessed from an Android app that will serve as an interface for listening to stations categorized by genre and city.

Radio Station Information:

Name : Ahzu Mix Radio
Location: United States
Language: English
Social Link: Twitter, Facebook
Website: https://ahzumix.com