Chicago Public Online Radio

Chicago Public Online Radio:

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) is an award-winning internet radio station founded in 1999. WBEZ specializes in cultural and educational radio shows which are syndicated throughout the nation on multiple networks. With over 25 years of experience in broadcasting and promotions, WBEZ has set a standard of excellence in service and product presentation. Chicago Public Radio, or only CPR, is carried via several sources, including CD players, AM/FM receivers/transceivers, internet streaming, satellite radio, mobile devices including PDAs, computers with WAP LPCoders, and by syndication rights purchased from outside the USA.
CPR broadcasts many original shows each week, focusing on a specific region, topic, or niche within society. CPR’s goal is to provide a unique perspective on current events, politics, culture in general, and even humor within everyday life. In addition to music, the station also carries news and other media content that offer commentaries and reviews.
CPR programming is offered at no cost to listeners. However, viewers can also purchase CDs and buy special bonus programs, after which they can download to their computer for free. Each show has its tracklisting and schedule. A station’s Website includes program schedules, sound clips, and interviews, besides a logo and listing of upcoming shows. WBEZ also produces a podcast, Chicago Public Radio, which allows its listeners to subscribe online and receive the latest updates via a newsletter.

Radio Contact Info:

Dirección: 16405 Haven Road Little Falls, MN 56345

Teléfono: (320) 632-2992

Email: [email protected]

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