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The classic country music radio music station in Tennessee, Dolly Parton. And Kenny Chesney is playing some of the best hits. To artists like Patsy Cline. There are broadcast dates for songs that are more than fifty years old!

Tune in to WBRF 98.1 FM. If you want your Saturday night dance party with this Americana flavor! ” Classic Country 98! Best Classic Country, Outlaw County. And playing Bluegrass music on WBRF FM is NASCAR.

And Wake Forest Damon Dickens’ flagship station accommodation. In fact our classic country format.

It can be divided into two more formats:

Specialize in hits from the 1920s to the early 1980s. Which primarily focuses on inventors. And the other half is call the target.

“traditional theatrical” or mainstream listeners who are with the current pop tune. Mix enjoys some Appalachian tunes.

Classic Country 98! The best classic country, Outlaw  Country .and Bluegrass music playing WBRF 98.1 FM is the main station of NASCAR and Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

We know that there are different kinds of music in this world. But if you are only ask to choose the 3 closest sounding genres.

Then I’m sure these will be on your list … lyric or instrument; Like Kenny Rogers-The Gambler. Southern rock music from Rockin ‘country tunes. (E.g. Marty Robbins ‘Readin’ Back to Texas to Nashville). We’ve got you covere. “

classic country music radio 98:

Best for you in classic country music radio, Outlook, and Bluegrass. WBRF NASCAR’s home with a dedication to the Dubon Deacon Sports! The format can actually be divided into two parts.-The first is like Marley Haggard or George Jones.

When focusing on inventors. From the 1950s to the early 80s. Specializes in hits (including almost older than other US stations). The second part focuses more on modern Nashville lyricists like Alan Jackson.

98.1 WBRF is home to NASCAR and Wake Forest Demon Deacons fans! The classic country format can actually be divided into two more formats. The 1950s-1980s hit.

(Especially music that is older than almost any other radio format). Special, while the other focuses more on today’s classics like Eric Church or Dear’s Bentley.

Rockabilly, traditional theatrical country rap songs. Classic hits during your travels. And through much more. Will appear to you on purpose. Classic Country 98! Playing the best classic country, outlook, and bluegrass music.

WBRF is the signature of this world service outside of this city for NASCAR fans -50s to 80s playing hits.

Which will brighten your heart (and other parts).

classic country music radio 98 is home to all your favorite classic country music. From late-night to chart-topping songs.

With a mix of new releases and old favorites. You can’t go anywhere without listening to some form or other broadcast on this channel!

WBRF-FM – Flagship station at Wake Forest NC. Where NASCAR coverage and other local events are broadcast daily.

That’s why we are also known as Damon Dickens !!!! Programming primarily involves inventors such as Whalen Jennings.

Johnny Cash is one of the big names. One that took place in our playlist. To listen to classic country music, tune in to 98! Playing the best Classic Country, Outlook Country, and Bluegrass.

WBRF is the home of NASCAR, Saturday at 11 a.m. EST / 8 pm PST. An old-fashion radio show by Hank Williams Sr., Ray Price. And sheds light on New Year’s inventors like Johnny Cash.

The Wake Forest Damon Deacons flagship station has two formats. An expert on hits in the 1950s and early 1980s.

(Including older than almost any other format). While the second pays more attention to the conventional numbers before or after that period.

Classic country music radio classic country music radio98.1 FM, WBRF is the playground for NASCAR and Wake Forest Demon Deacons! Our heritage dates back to a classic country format. Celebrating can actually be divided into two more parts.

We are from the 15050s to the early classic country music radio 1980s.

(With music older than almost any other radio format in the United States). As well as inventors – stars in this station both past and present.

Lots of reviews from audiences across America. For a quote “When I speak loudly at work. When I walk around town listening to classic country music radio 98-WBRF.”


The other focuses on hits from the 1980s (including some of the above-mentione performers) through the early 2000s, some pre-1980s music, latter-day Golden Age stars and innovators such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard to newer recurrent hits from current-day artists such as George Strait, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Reba McEntire.

Radio contact info:

Address: 325 Poplar Knob Road Galax, VA 24333

Phone: 276-238-0981

Email: [email protected]

Business Phone: 276-236-9273


Classic Country 98

classic country music radio
classic country music radio