CMVA 107.5 FM was created during the pandemic, and due to its diverse audience from our annual award show, CMVA 107.5 FM was created. CMVA is an alternative station that plays all genres of music due to our listeners that attend and perform during our annual show.

CMVA has assisted many communities where other radio stations have failed (example: New York City). CMVA’s mission statement/vision statement: The idea behind CMVA 107.5FM was simple; create an Internet stream for those who are current on underground culture, from indie rock to hip-hop to electronica to house and beyond.

CMVA combines today’s urban sounds with yesterday’s classic soul & funk records, always keeping it fresh, so you’re always in the know about what’s going on right now. CMVA 107.5 FM is an award-winning radio station that serves as a training ground for students interested in a radio broadcast.

Other media careers CMVA 107.5FM is also a home to many local and indie artists, where they can get their music heard by more people CMVA supports local communities through various fundraisers CMVA users are diverse ranging from the urban CMVAs to NPR listeners CMVA plays songs/information usually not played on commercial stations CMVA won first place at the NJ College Media Association (CMA) DJ Nefarious founded awards CMVA.

Listen online to the CMVA107.5FM radio station for free – an excellent choice for Charlotte, United States. Listen to live CMVA107.5FM radio with freeradiotune.com. CMVA 107.5 FM CMVA is an alternative station that plays all genres of music due to our listeners attending and performing during our annual show CMVA has assisted in many communities CMVA’s mission.

Radio Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]


CMVA107.5FM Online Radio