Delaware 105.9 Listen to the best FM radio in 2023

Delaware 105.9 Listen to the best FM radio in 2023:

At this time to Delaware 105.9 – WXDE is a radio station license. All in all, to serve Lewis in the US state of Delaware 105.9. At this time, WXDED promotes a news/talk format.

WXDED (105.9 FM, “Delaware 105.9”) is a radio station license to serve Lewis. All in all, the state of Delaware 105.9 in the United States.  The station, which began broadcasting in 1992. At this time, is now own by Forever Media.

WXDED promotes a news/talk format. Wikipedia. The station receives its original construction permit. The Federal Communications Commission. On May 10, 1990, The new station received WXJN call letters from the FCC on July 12, 1990.

Delaware 105.9 fm radio in addition info:

As soon as the construction was complete. As well as, permit holder Susan Mary Beth Romain applies to the FCC in June 1999 to transfer.

The permits to Prettyman Broadcasting. The transfer was approve by the FCC on July 28, 1992, and was transact. One was swallow up on August 14, 1992.

After a slight change and an extension for a period of time. Above all, WXJN receive a cover license from the FCC. On December 21, 1992.

In May of that year, the Prettyman Broadcasting Company reach an agreement. With the Delmarva Broadcasting Company to sell the station.

The contract was approve by the FCC. On June 26, 1997, and the transaction end. On August 28, 1997. The station, formerly license. As WXJN was assign a WZKT call sign.

On September 4, 2012, WZTT split the simulation of WQT and became a news/talk station. As “Delaware 105.9”. The station has also changed its call sign to WXDED.

The most Forever Media bought Delmarva Broadcasting. At an undisclose price in early 2019. Towards the end of the year, Forever fired mid-day host Susan. On Monday and afternoon host Rob Susman.

At this time, Mid-day host Ed Tell Forever has resign from his post. On the first day of media ownership.

Radio contact info:

Address: 1666 Blairs Pond Rd, Milford, DE 19963

Phone: +1 302-839-1059


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