1500 ESPN (KSTP)

At this present time, KSTP (ESPN 1500 AM; SKOR North) is a sports radio station. This is Hubbard Broadcasting’s flagship AM radio broadcast.

Which is additionally a few more TVs across the United States. And claims radio broadcasting and some other media features.

It is ESPN Radio approve for Minneapolis-St. Paul. After all, KSTP operates at 50,000 watts.

And from a transmitter found in Maplewood. As well as, Shares Class A status clear-channel with WFED at 1500 AM in Washington, DC.

After that there, KSTP is a commercial AM radio station. Which is a license to St. Paul, Minnesota.

ESPN 1500 in addition info

Which carries the programming of the ESPN 1500 Radio network. This is from Monday to Friday for the enjoyment of your audience.

After that, Every day from morning to 5 pm for all-sports format. AS well as, Many more broadcast nationally syndicate shows.

When there is peace in your life. And it’s the perfect background noise. When you need something comfortable.

As a matter of fact, KSTPHusic. What they play there! You are from another station. All in all, Can’t hear any ads.

At this time Because it only pays more attention to sports talk shows 24/7 365 days throughout the day. Which I think everyone will enjoy listening to.

About all this Locate on the boundary line between St. Paul and Minneapolis. The studio office of the station is sister station KSTP-FM, KSTP-TV, KTMY.

And is offer on KSTC-TV. On weekends, KSTP broadcasts game shows nearby from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

After all ESPN 1500 programming broadcasts late in the evening and very early in the morning. A part of KSTP’s shows is Simulcast on various game radio broadcasts in the district.

Additionally, KSTP is an American game radio broadcast. It is authorize to broadcast to St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. This is important for ESPN 1500 radio companies.


That’s why another famous name for this radio broadcast is ESPN 1500 Twin City. However, some people call it basically 1500 AM.

After all, ESPN 1500 Radio is like any remaining radio inside the company. All in all, KSTP claims Hubbard Broadcasting. (An American TV and radio broadcast partnership).

These radio broadcasts are their main AM radio. About all this Part of its shows is simulating radio broadcasts of various games. And they really deserve to be in tune. If you like games, you should check them out.

KSTP was sent in 1925. And is currently accessible at 1500 kHz AM frequencies. Those need to tune in to ESPN 1500 on their web. There is a live stream on their site for them.

You can do the same on this page of our site. To tune in to KSTP and to advance numerous radio broadcasts on your cell phone.

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