Family Online Radio Network

Family Online Radio Network:

KGBT is an unapologetic Christian conservative radio station based in San Francisco, California, and is arguably the most extensive satellite radio station of the new Family Radio Network. As an independently owned, Christian-owned company, it broadcasts several conservative Christian programs, including the Family Radio Program, America’s Family Radio, The Family Hour, Sunday morning, Early morning drive, Church morning, New Day, and welcome, A Christian Life, and many more.

Family Radio Network now has stations in over thirty-five different countries around the world! Also, KGBT offers a variety of Christian music and talk programming and other musical genres. Most recently, the Family Radio Network launched an interesting new program entitled “The Good News Society,” which is a talk show hosted by K GBTV (Great Britain’s biggest Christian satellite TV channel).

Although Family Radio Network has been primarily targeted at Christians, it has extended its efforts to include non-Christians and spiritual individuals. In fact, in some cases, Family Radio has begun airing programs that are not explicitly related to Christianity. For example, the Family Radio Program began airing a talk show about “Christian girls.” Although it is unclear at this time if this will grow into another niche within Family Radio Network, or another entirely separate channel altogether, the move was made as a strategic move towards meeting the increasing demand of people who do not necessarily consider themselves to be practicing Christians, and who would otherwise be too shy to give their first name and birth date.

Family Radio Network prides itself on being a “Christian media company.” It expresses the belief that “despite our increasing diversity, Family Radio strives to maintain a positive stance toward people of all faiths, beliefs, backgrounds, and creeds.” The Family Radio Network boasts over one hundred daily radio stations spread out over thirty-two dozen markets throughout North America. Many of the Family Radio stations are geared toward Christian lifestyles and conservative political views, while others are more liberal and welcoming to all people. Each radio station offers various musical genres, talk shows, and information for those who choose to listen. Family Radio is striving to provide a unique perspective on faith-based issues to reach out to millions of people looking for a connection to their sense of spirituality.

Radio Contact Info:

Phone: +1 800-543-1495

Email: [email protected]

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