KHOP 95.1 FM Radio

KHOP 95.1 FM

KHOP is an FM radio station called Modesto. And serves the Stockton area. It broadcasts on FM frequency 95.1. And is owned by Cumulus Media.

KHOP refers to itself as KHOP 95.1 or All the Hit. Its studios are located in Stockton and its transmitter is located northeast of Oakdale, California.

The presenter of this radio show is Aditi Taraka. He’s always fun to listen to with us. And broadcasts with something entertaining.

Is it the best part about it all? You can win prizes just by listening every day. Like CDs or T-shirts from our sponsors.

KHOP 95.1 FM in addition info:

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Tune in to KHOP 95 FM today at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you want to get a chance at these great gifts. And want to know more details about the upcoming competition.

KHOP plays mostly pop music. It was once known as “The Pop Music Channel”. But he dropped that slogan in favor of “All The Hits.” Before switching to pop music format.

KHOP’s rock format was mostly hard rock in the 1970s and 80s. Before becoming a rock station, KHOP was an alternative music channel.

And before the station’s layout changed in the mid-90s. They switched to advertising their own deaths. Shortly before the format change. A live “cable cutting” show was included. KHOP plays mostly pop music.

Imagine being able to hear the sweet sound of a thorny piano. You can sit in your backyard. Or you can have nothing but nature to accompany you at home. You can’t hear anything more beautiful than this.

There are many talented artists out there. Those who play these subtle instruments. This KHOP 95 FM plays a song by them all day. Every Saturday from 6 am is to 10 am EST time slot.

96.1 FM frequency is the home base of KHOP. But the 95.1 MHz show runs from midnight to 6 p.m. Broadcast has long been popular with listeners. Looking for something different from what you hear on your regular channel.

KHOP is hip hop for everything. Your station! You know that when you listen to a song on the radio. And it just clicks with what’s happening in life. Okay, K-Hop has been giving some hot beats lately.


Tune in tonight at 9 if this is hip hop already. Can’t enter your world because we guarantee. That will wait for something new inside this speaker. Those who tuned us here today are Ronda Jones. Our hostess says with most of us.

The best way to listen to your favorite songs, interviews with artists, and much more! I am the DJ of KHOP 95.1 FM – you can spin new beats for me every day from 5 pm to 8 pm (CST).

95.1 KHOP is a radio station. Which serves the Modesto and Stockton areas. FM broadcasts on frequency 95-1. One focuses on all pop music. These two California cities are at the center of his audience.

And nearby communities such as Five Points. As well as, Trevor Junction near Orchard is where the studio is located in downtown Oakdale.

Such as the neighboring town of Lathrop next door. All in all, Neighboring Bureaucostal Modesto County Territory.

North San Joaquin Valley East Bay Area. In April 2005, only KJLH owned the Hills of 99 Miles. Starts summer activities under Cumulus Media.

There is a radio station called “KHOP” in the Modesto and Stockton area. It plays music that can relate to the audience.

Even if they don’t usually like pop songs. This FM frequency 95-1 is in the playlist along with some old choices.

About- KHOP 95.1 FM

Hip hop artists from the vicinity of California such as Kendrick Lamar. Who won the best rap album at last night’s Grammy Awards.

All in all, Hits Radio is a pop music station. Which is broadcasting in the Modesto, California area. After all, Heats broadcasts on 95.1 FM. And Stockton has a studio. And a transmitter northeast of Oakdale.

When they are outside the city limits. Then it makes it easier for the audience to listen.

They describe themselves with “all-the-same” qualities. As well As their tagline states. We all seek greatness together.

KHOP is a radio station that plays pop music. Its broadcast frequency can be found at 95.1. And they are owned by Cumulus Media. They have a studio in Stockton but their transmitter is just outside Modesto.

As well as, Northeast Oakdale California. Where there are many unemployed people who need jobs.

Radio contact info:

Phone: +1 800-548-0951

KHOP @ 95.1 FM