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happi is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat. They are usually worn only during festivals.



Originally these represented the crest of a family, as house servants wore happi. Firefighters in the past also used to wear happi; the symbol on their backs referred to the group with which they were associated.[1] In English, happi is most often translated as “happi coat” or “happy coast”.

The colour of Happi is normally and significantly in blue companion with red, black and white. Through, in recent days, this style of Japan’s outfit appears in all colour such as the rainbow designs which carry increasingly from the famous culture like manga and anime.

The younger or the cosplay generation who often wear polyester happy because it tends to less expensive rather than the traditional one, particularly the cotton happi.

There are symbols printed on the lapels or here at the back of the happi coat concerning the name of the festival or the participating association. Often the traditional kanji for matsuri appears on the back.

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