107.1 The Boss Listen to the radio playlist

 107.1 The Boss Listen to the radio playlist

107.1 The Boss – WWWI is a broadcast radio station in Long Branch. At this time, New Jersey, USA, providing classic rock hits from the 70s to the 80s.

WWYZ originally broadcast live on June 1, 1960, as WRLB’s “Radio Long Branch.” At the moment, the station is manage.

The opportunity to broadcast with 50,000 watts, however, he denies. Was limit by the possibility of FM radio. Thus, the station was connecte 3,000 watts from a peak location.

 107.1 The Boss in addition info there:

After all, at the Long Branch in New Jersey. In addition, the studios were found to be in a state adjacent to the pinnacle. Although the studios are currently in Neptune, New Jersey, WWWI uses the Pinnacle site.

When Long Branch 107.1 did not use 50,000 watts. The Federal Communications Commission remove Brier Cliff. That is to say, Manor 107.1 from New York (north of New York City) with these lines.

At this time, Belvedere, New Jersey (near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania). After all, And Hampton Base, New York (Long Island) with meanwhile. These regions 107.1 They were part of the extende branch.

With obstruction in the peripheral regions frequently. At the moment, throughout the 1960s and 1970s. As well as WRLB being the “full administration” station, broadcast on the other hand.

At this present time, large amounts of band music, high school sports, and nearby news. Subsequently, An Italian program aired on Sunday.

All in all, Most of the competition came. As well as from Asbury Park Press radio broadcasts for meanwhile. At this present time, WJLK-AM-FM.

Which promote comparative full-administration programming. In 1968, WRLB resume its programming with “broad appeal” music.

As well as Thursday morning until late in the morning. When it changes/facilitates the top 40 music, at this point, Charlie Roberts was in the lead.

Who was a New Jersey primary circle racer for playing rock? Business FM radio broadcasting. The program was subsequently known as Subway (a tribute to Dick Summer at Boston’s WBZ.

107.1 The Boss Listen to the radio playlist in addition info 

Likewise, Who was Charlie’s teacher? As well as when he was at Boston University). His first tune by Jr. Walker and All-Stars was “Street Runner”.

After a while, he got to see live-in-studio audiences, including reformist musician Vanilla Fuse.

His climate colleague was “Tommy Metro,” who was similarly. The station’s central expert Tom Timpippides. At this point, WWYZ first aired on June 1, 1960. Above all, as WRLB “Radio Long Branch”.

At this time, the owner of the station carrie the possibility of broadcasting. With 50,000 watts, however, he dismisse it, believing that the possibilities of FM radio were limite.

Thus, the station has been approve with 3,000 watts from a peak locate in Long Branch, New Jersey. The studios were found near the summit.

Although the studios are currently in Neptune, New Jersey, WWW has use Pinel’s place. At a time when Long Branch did not use 107.1 50,000 watts.

Therefore, the Federal Communications Commission grant 107.1 sets to Brycliffe Manor in New York (north of New York City).

At this time, Belvedere, New Jersey (near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania). As well as, And Hampton Base, New York (Long Island).

These zones will prevent the allocation of long branches. By all means, intervening in the border areas after 107.1s. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

At this present time, WRLB was a “full-service” station promoting big-band music.

It’s there, high school sports and nearby news. An Italian show was broadcast on Sunday. The opposition was initially from a radio broadcast from Asbury Park Press.

As well as, WJLK-AM-FM. Which promote similar full-service programming. In 1968, WRLB reshape its programming.

With adult “middle of the street” music from 6 am to midnight when it was set to rock / top 40 music and was led by Charlie Roberts.

107.1 The Boss in addition info all over the radio stations

Who was the primary plate jockey in New Jersey to play ROCK? At the commercial FM radio. The program was call Subway (a tribute to Dick Summer.

At WBZ in Boston, who was Charlie’s coach when he was at Boston University). His first melody choice was “Street Runner” by Jr. Walker and All-Stars.

Once in a while, he will be a live in-studio visitor with reformist musical gang Vanilla Fudge. His climate fellow/therapist was “Tommy Metro”.

Who was additionally the station’s main architect Tom Timpippides? In 1981, WRLB was sold on Monmouth Broadcasting and turn into a contemporary hit radio.

Just as WWW (known as “U107” live). The station was program as a contemporary hit radio. Right now, yet without a solid nearby presence because of mechanization.

The station was again offere to Jonathan and Elizabeth. At this moment, Hoffman (under the same name “Mammoth Broadcasting”).

As well as, And became WMJY (Y-107) in 1982. That there, showing local talent directly in the hit game. The liners for the rebuilt station toute.

The New Live Y-107″ highlighting the station’s local presence. Radio character Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton spent a brief timeframe driving in the early evening.

On the Y-107 in mid 1982, preceding moving to WKTU in New York City. From the start, the Y-107 gave you the CHR organization of the 107, however inside a couple of years.

The Y-107 was a stone station, utilizing the trademark “Rock Hits Home”. As well as highlighting the new era of music, blues, and psychedelic music.

With exceptional programming on Sundays. , And among. The disc jockeys on the Y-107 in the Beatles’ rock days were John Ford, Linda Jordan, T.J.

107.1 The Boss in addition info data 

In late 1988, Mammoth sold WMJY to K&K Broadcasting. At the time of purchase, K&K operate two radio stations in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The word found that a format change was taking place. On January 19, 1969, the rock format of the Y-107 was mention in the air.

 At a rally held the following afternoon. At the Station Studios in the Long Branch in the suburbs to preserve it. On the morning of January 20, 1988.

At this moment, K&K sent a security guard to remove. The overnight announcer TJK from the courtyard to boast witch and padlock the door.

The entire announce staff was fired (many lessons. That is to say, of their job cuts in the paper that morning). At this moment, although some announcers and support staff were eventually fired.

In May 1989, WMJY was rename the local “Software 107FM” local. Above all, soft-grown adult contemporary format.

The new format features soft-rock artists with heavy doses of the 1960s, above all, and 1970s seniors. Call letters to WZ view were change in June 1989.

That is to say, Defeating long-time rival WJLK-FM in the first year. All over the world, WZV “CV107” had the success of rating in the Monmouth-Ocean rating.

The station began to focus heavily on the elderly, first featuring “All-Will Weekends”. The original general managers for WZview in 1989.

That there were Gary Spurgeon, GSM Don Dalecio, and PD Brad Kelly. Meanwhile, Unfortunately, WZVu’s corporate parent.

107.1 The Boss for this History

At this moment, K&K Broadcasting began to face financial problems. In 1992, all local DJs were finished, and the station switched to a satellite-distributed old format.

As well as, Interestingly, this same satellite format was broadcast. At WJLK / 1310 at Asbury Park. Above all, During this time, Asbury Park Press sold to WJLK-AM-FM D&F Broadcasting.

In early 1994, GM Jim Davis (former Drake jock “Big Bob” Evans of WOR-FM) launch. The Old 107.1. The director of the second program was Bob Steele.

As well as, Aristotle included Rocky D, Jersey Judy Franco. In addition, for Big Joe Henry, Tommy Dean, Bobby Ryan, Captain Jack Aponte, Mark Lee, and Ed Haley.

There were innovative specialty programs over the weekend, such as Sunday Night Train with All Request Radio and Tommy Dean and Bobby Roy.

1996-2003 Advertising Information

More information about the country and the Spanish Quadrangle: WYNY (block). The station was sold to Big City Radio in mid-1996.

In December 1996, the station was relocate to New 109, Brycliffe Manor. As well as and WWHB Hampton Base, New York.

At this time to along with other 107.1 stations on the Big City Radio Trimulcast. Above all, (and to the end) with cast WZview.

As well as and two other multicast station formats. Known as Y-107. At this moment, Long branch station call letters were convert to WWWY.

The WRNJ-FM 107.1 was later add to the Y-107 in Belvedere. As if a New Jersey, as a four-station “quad cast.”

In May 2002, the “Y-107” quad cast was finish in the country format. As well as, and a day after stunting the construction sound.

The quad cast move to a tropical music format call “Rumba 107”. The format did not match the Quadcast suburban signal.

So the WWWY transmitter was the move to a tower in the Belford Division. As well as of Middletowans Township, New Jersey, to improve New York City’s publicity.

At this time to Towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, Big City Radio file for bankruptcy. Above all, and sold the quad cast to Nassau Broadcasting.

Who broke the quad cast and sold separate stations. The WWWT Press Connection LLC then purchase, return to Long Branch Tower.

As well as, a became The Hawa on June 30, 2003. At this moment, and began simulcasting on WBHX FM 99.7 in Takarton, New Jersey.

This time is here for promotion in 2003-2003

That there, From 2003 to 2013, the station promotes. An adult contemporary format and was brand. As “The Bridge”. The station was mimicke at 99.7 WBHX in Taxon.

Above all, New Jersey from June 30, 2003, to November 1, 2015. The desktop is a public access television cable working.

On a regional high school cable channel WCAT-TV. That covers most of the day in southern Ocean County.

This time 2013 present info

WWZY kept bridge branding until the end of 2013, when 107.1 FM was a rebrand. As a music radio station, continuing with WBHX’s simulcast.

On July 1, 2014, 107.1 and 99.7 have been rebrand. As Fun 107.1 by transferring to Hot AC format.

The station feature the personalities of Pork Roll and Egg, Chelsea. Above all, Tom Farinaro and Ali, and other stations.

Such as Taylor Swift, who play in Maroon 5, had another place. On the dial to listen to the same teen-friendly top 40. At this time,

Meghan Trainer, Ariana Grande, and One Direction. “107.1 FM” finish the WBHX simulcast on November 1, 2015. On March 1, 2017, WWW start teasing.

The next Friday, the third Friday, at 5 pm, in the sky. As well as and on their Facebook page with a “big announcement.”

They retrieve the simulcast in WBHX, giving the format. At this time, almost full market coverage across Monmouth and Ocean County.

The only mention of 99.7 is in the hourly station ID. The first song from The Boss was Rani’s “We Will Rock You”. On March 3, 2017, the station resume simulcast at 99.7 WBHX.

Radio contact INFO:

Address: 2355 West Bangs Avenue Neptune, NJ 07753

Phone: 732-774-4444

Email: [email protected]