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KCAA is a commercial radio station located in Loma Linda, California, broadcasting to the Inland Empire, area on 1050 AM with studios located at 1378 Industrial Park Avenue in Redlands. KCAA airs news, talk, music and brokered programming.



KCAA carries an eclectic mix of brokered programming for financial services and nutritional supplements, progressive talk radio such as The Stephanie Miller Show and The Thom Hartmann Show, some mainstream talk shows such as Imus in the Morning, Doug Stephan and The Dave Ramsey Show, local music podcasts, locally produced shows like Cali’s Best hosted by Lashaun Turner, and assorted features such as Beatles-a-RamaThe Twilight Zone Radio Dramas and reruns of Wolfman Jack’s oldies shows. All programs, including syndicated programs that run longer, only air on KCAA for one hour each day. The national news is provided by NBC News Radio.

The Most Diverse Radio Station In America KCAA IS “The Stations That Leaves No Listener Behind” KCAA broadcasts on three frequencies!!! 1050 AM * 102.3 FM * 106.5 FM

KCAA Radio in Southern California is an established national media brand providing its audience, advertisers and broadcasters with a unique combination of AM and SOON FM terrestrial radio enhanced by audio and video Internet distribution and podcasting over a wide variety of multimedia platforms.

KCAA Radio produces and distributes more than 50 unique radio and Internet TV shows each week directed by Talented staff and management.
We are an independently owned and professionally operated organization with no equal in corporately owned and managed media.


Radio contact INFO:

Address: 1378 Industrial Park Ave. Redlands, California 92374

Phone: (909) 793-1065

Email: [email protected]