LISTEN MVYradio is an innovative web-based application that allows users of all ages to access a free online radio station from their personal computers. The technology allows internet users in the area codes of every city around the United States to listen to a broad selection of exclusive live broadcasts through their personal computers. The applications include real-time data have live local newscasts and highlights, music, and talk shows, special concerts, talk radio shows from around the world, as well as historical information about local events. LISTEN MVYradio gives the option for its users to be able to choose their own list of stations, which in turn allows the users to “chase” what they hear and when they hear it. The program is supported on Windows CE, Pocket PC, Macintosh OS, and WINE (Winnick) operating systems. LISTEN MVY Radio is a free software application that is a part of the Windows Mobile Application development Environment (MDA).


The application has the ability to browse through millions of radio stations hosted by various international music channels including BBC World, Sky News, MTV, X FM, Talks how, R&B Classic, Talk Sport, Euro FM, Variety, Cashback Hour, Canny, XFM, ESPN Radio, KIIS FM, and others. LISTEN MVYradio has the ability to search for songs by artist name or track name. The program features a radio station calendar, which shows the date and time that a particular song was played and by which station. It also offers the opportunity to browse through the music video library to view popular videos from different genres including music videos, comedy videos, reality TV shows, and music videos.


LISTEN MVYradio features a “catch not” feature that helps music listeners save their searches so that they do not have to repeatedly punch in the same address to look for their favorite songs again. LISTEN is simple to use and has been designed to make browsing through radio stations enjoyable by allowing the users to search by song title, artist name, genre, or the date and time recorded. It also provides the user with an “About” and “Help” sections, which help the users to learn more about the application. In addition, there is a free version available to download and use.




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