Newsradio KONP Online Radio

Newsradio KONP Online Radio:

USA Today Radio, better known as WLS in Chicago, is a community based radio station based in Port Angeles, California. It has become a destination for many people across the country who are looking for variety and who want to hear the best in community service, along with some good laughs. Newsradio KONP Online Radio has grown to over one hundred (100) different radio channels, all of them coming from a single transmitter at the top of Shea’s Restaurant on Highland Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. WLS broadcasts live from five (5) different Chicago locations-zacadas and tables, the newsroom, studios, cafeteria, and car washes. All of them come from some of the most respected and attractive neighborhoods in Chicago, including: North Park, South Park, North York, Rosehill, Jackson, Lawrance, East North Park and West North Park.

The combination of having a great location and reaching out to a large community is what makes Newsradio KONP Online Radio a unique service in that community. One thing that sets it apart from other radio stations is that they provide their community leaders with opportunities to build their own radio station and reach their own community through this one-of-a-kind online community. You can even go into the Newsradio KONP online radio station based in Port Angeles and help others increase their community presence. In the process, you can build a reputation as a leader and people will begin to listen to your community-driven programming.

Newsradio KONP Online Radio is the brainchild of Mark Lowe, who founded the station in 1998 and has done an amazing job of developing a loyal community. He has done an excellent job of keeping the service vibrant and new. They continue to grow each year. They reach out to their community leaders and educate them on what is happening in their local community-from politics and crime to arts and culture. Lowe also has done an outstanding job of bringing this unique service to homes. He has created an audio series that he has produced as well as an annual fund-raiser that is truly unique.

Radio Contact Info:

 (360) 457-1450

 PO Box 1450, Port Angeles, WA 98362

 [email protected]