Star 100.1

Star 100.1:

Star 100.1 is a radio station in Potsdam, New York that provides Country music to listeners of Star 100.1 on the Star 100.1 website or Star FM app for mobile devices. Star 100.1 can be tuned into by tuning your car radio dial or by visiting Star100FMonline and clicking the upper left button labeled “Tune In.” With this many options, there’s no excuse not to listen! Star 100.0 is a broadcast service of Star Educational Media Network, which has been broadcasting since 1982.

Star 100.0 broadcasts Country music 24 hours per day on Star100FMonline and Star FM app for mobile devices to listeners in the United States. The station can be discovered through various ways including tuning into Star 100.0 using your car radio dial or by visiting Star100FMonline where you will find an option to “Tune In”. No matter what method you choose, there’s no reason not to tune in! Star educational media networks began broadcasting over 30 years ago now with their slogan being “we go beyond teaching” (WPDM Potsdam).

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I am very grateful that I was able to work with such a helpful and supportive team throughout this experience, as well as learn about new things like marketing strategies on social media through my internship at Star 100.0 and WPDM Potsdam radio station in New York State.

The best part about this journey has been gaining knowledge from those who have so much experience in it already, while also learning how to better me along the way by listening to their suggestions. Star 100.0 is great in so many ways, but part of what makes it stand out the most has got to be its employees and how they treat others with genuine kindness and respect!

As I come closer to my graduation day, I know that this time spent at Star 100.0 will remain memorable for me because not only did I get a chance to work on various projects throughout these past four months, but also was able to build friendships along the way.

All of us interns went through changes together by learning about marketing strategies like advertising campaigns via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter while simultaneously having our own life experiences change too! It’s been quite an experience getting school credit for doing something fun rather than sitting in a classroom for eight hours every day. Star 100.0 is a great place to be and I’m so glad that I was able to work here!

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 5 Beal St Potsdam, New York

Phone: +1 315-265-5510

Star 100.1 Radio