Talk 1300 & 98.7 The best online radio in 2023

Talk 1300 & 98.7 The best online radio in 2023:

Talk 1300 is a commercial AM radio station license to Rensselaer about all this. As well as, New York, and serving the Capital District. The station is owned and operated by Capital Broadcasting, Inc About all this.

which airs a talk radio format. Michael Medved, Selma Schimmel, Lou Dobbs. All in all, Paul Vandenburgh, Melody Burns, Al Roney, Dennis Prager, Roger Hedgecock. As well as, and Patrick Ryan, Angela Austin, Scott Bendett. All in all, at this point Doug Stephan, Napa Reps.

Talk 1300 in addition info:

At this moment, Talk 1300 – WGDJ is a broadcast radio station from Rensselaer all in all. About all this, NY, United States, providing News, Information, Talks, and Live Shows.

Above all, Car Talk (NPR), The Jim Bohannon Show, Best Of Dennis Prager. As a matter of fact, America in the Morning, Best of Michael Medved, Women in Music.

At this time, America This Week, Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show.  All in all, Talk 1300 radio The Week In Review, SportsTalk, Albany Mayor Jennings Radio Show.

At this moment, All-Star Construction Show, Chamber Chat, Dave’s ON Now. Meanwhile, Divorce, Debt, Collection Help, Home Made Money.

The State Capital, Paul Vandenburgh. Serio…on the Radio, Swap Shop. The best Dan Lynch Show, The Girvin, and Ferlazzo Law Show Talk 1300. 

At this present time, Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi, Jim Bohannon. As a matter of fact, Michael Medved, Selma Schimmel, Lou Dobbs.

All in all, Paul Vandenburgh, Melody Burns, Al Roney, Dennis Prager.

Which airs a Talk1300 radio format. 

Early Years in addition info there

On December 3, 1961, we signed up as the first 5000-watt dreamer radio station. After all,  Talk 1300 kHz frequency allocation was made for another station. That was removed from the air at 1280 WRSA. At nearby Saratoga Springs a year ago.

19 In 1970, WWW bought People Communications. And became WWQ, first switching to the top 40 sounds. Then trying in the middle of the street.

As well as, On December 1, 1972, an FM sister station marked WQB-FM at 103.9 MHz. At this time to copy Talk 1300 AMH, permitting audience members to tune in to WQB. After all, Quite a long while later, People Communications chose to give the FM station its own different arrangement, Progressive Rock.

Radio Information:

Location: Cameroon

Email:  [email protected]

Address: C/O TU Center, 51 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207

Web Site: https://www.talk1300.com

Talk 1300