WHOW is a radio station in the United States that broadcasts BIG 1520AM/92.3FM and features local news, talk, and agriculture programming. WHOW is owned by Piedmont Radio Corporation of Charlottesville, VA, which owns five other Virginia stations. If you want to hear more about their latest programming or find out what they’re up to next, check them out over at whowradio.com!

WHOW features local news, talk, and agriculture programming from its broadcasters in the United States of America. WHOW was created to keep people informed about their surroundings and maintain a rural lifestyle that had been threatened over time due to urbanization. It offers stories with human interest and local interest.

WHOW is owned by Piedmont Radio Corporation based out of Charlottesville, VA. They own five other stations in Virginia that broadcast on the same frequency, including WHPH (a religious station), WQCV-FM “The Q,” which plays country music, WCVE-FM/WCVW Public Television.

WHOW is a radio station licensed to serve Clinton, Illinois, USA. The station, established in 1947, is currently owned by the Miller Media Group, and Piedmont Radio Corporation holds the broadcast license.

WHOW broadcasts at a frequency of 1520 kHz with an adequate power of 50,000 watts on a non-directional antenna. The station’s signal covers the central Illinois area and parts of Missouri to the north. WHOW has two sister stations in Clinton which are WILL.

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Radio Contact Info:

Address: 2980 U. S. Highway 51 P.O. Box 497 Clinton, IL 61727-0497

Phone: 866-994-WHOW (9469)

WHOW Radio