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Z 101 radio is an exceptionally famous Dominican station for its program El Gobierno de la Mazda. It broadcasts on Z101 radio, 101.3, and 101.5 FM across the country.

Right now, Z101 radio 101.3 is a progress radio broadcast from Santo Domingo. As of now, the Dominican Republic, giving games, verbally expressed news, science, and live ventures.

As a matter of fact, Z101 radio listeners mean a great deal. The station needs to introduce themselves as viewers should be enthusiastic.

Z 101 Fm radio in addition info data:

They combine extraordinary solidarity. With the audience members and their own goals. As of now, there might be a great deal of correspondence between them all

At this point, and what their audience members will bring. After all, A broader diversion-rich radio broadcast. Z 101 radio has become FM.

A very brief, Tremble with the promotion of Santo Dominguez 101 radio in 1983. At the moment, and public engagement determines how to take control of the crowd and reach. The most advanced ratings among AM and FM nations.

As a matter of fact, Z101 radio FM refers to the beginning of another phase across the other. The whole existence of Dominican Telecom. In the Dominican Republic.

The stations in the integrated repeat section do not exceed 1000 watts. The larger part does not exceed 250 watts, and the others do not operate within 20; 50, and 100 watts

The Z101 run is enhanced by receiving a bay of 10,000 transmitter watts of 8 wires. As a matter of fact, Bienvenido Rodgragz. The country’s best-recorded businessman.

With American electronics designer Glenn Tyrone. Once experienced in the operation of new radio advances with they transmit this remarkable work which they call Z 101 radio.


In 1986 the Z101 sent another program called “Government of Tomorrow” with current versions. This creation came to fill the gap of information, comment, and investigation.

As well as, An incredible correspondence station set up with. At this present time, Z101 radio The public, featuring notable producer. And telecaster Willie Rodríguez.

At this time, and power by Effective Telecaster. At this time,  featuring “El Gobino de la Mazna”. All in all,  create another excitement from the information, creating another way of thinking from it.

Subsequently, veteran scholar and communicator Don Alvaro Arvelo (child). At this present time, Z 101 radio A researcher, observer of extraordinary events in history. As a matter of fact, and a special mind called.

“The Human Encyclopedia” joined the program group. As well as, allowing them to create and commercialize. The most mainstream program on Ibro-American radio.

The various projects of z 101 radio stimulate. The interests of the upper working class and strengthen. The masses in other gatherings of the people until.

It made the other media more credible. The credible ones and became a force to be reckon with. The image discovers, “from the voice of a person. Who does not have this voice” mot.

As a time, z 101 radio made a difference. Al in all, By pioneering extraordinary projects in the region. After all, Right now, district, and all throughout the planet. With Telecom living on key programs of data planning.

At this time, and citizenship assistance in crisis situations. At this present time, With a group of master experts in their field all in all.

More than 300 live creations from various focuses have made the Z101. The main station in Caribbean radio history.

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+1 809-549-4989

 [email protected]

Z 101 Fm playlist