J98 Fm

J98 Fm

J98 Fm believes that they are the most outstanding online radio station of their western region. As there are so many radio stations in the country but few of them are focused on melodies of the song. J98 Fm focuses on some of the best melodious songs from across the whole country. They are known throughout the whole country for their beautiful presentation of melodious songs.

Pop and rock music are very popular too, and several bands have had considerable success over the years. Venezuelan pop musicians such as Ricardo Montaner, Kiara, Karina, Los Chamos,Urbanda,  Uff, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, Franco DeVita, and Ilan Chester have gained popularity in other Latin American countries. On the other hand, same history for a lot of well-known bands like Devendra Banhart (Naturalismo), Los Amigos Invisibles (Acid Jazz), Desorden Publico (Ska/Pop), King Chango (Ska/Latin American music), Culto oculto (Experimental/Rock), Caramelos de Cianuro (Pop/Rock), Mikel Erentxun (Pop/Rock), Tan Frío El Verano, La Vida Bohème and the now extinct but influential groups (Sentimiento Muerto) (Post-punk), (Zapato 3) (Pop/Rock), and Dermis Tatú (Rock).Venezuela has also produced classical composers such as: Reynaldo Hahn, Teresa Carreño (who was also a world-renowned pianist), Antonio Lauro, Antonio Estevez, Evencio Castellanos, Prudencio Esaa, Moisés Moleiro, Gustavo Dudamel, Alfredo Rugeles and Eduardo Marturet.

Radio Information:

Location: Venezuela

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Top 40

Web Site: www.j98fm.com