WUVI FM  one of the most famous online radio station on Virgin IslandsWUVI FM broadcasts on 1090 Khz on the AM dial with license to operate in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It operates 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, utilizing student and community volunteer operators. The Communication Department currently offers a comprehensive program in different aspects of radio production and station operations.

WUVI-AM is an affiliate of the Pacifica Foundation and carries some of its more acclaimed programs, including Democracy Now. Among the programs that are on WUVI is the Tom Joyner Morning show, now being hosted by WUVI from 6am to 10 AM every morning. With lots of integrated local content, the university is home of Tom Joyner in the eastern Caribbean. WUVI mainly features local and regional music and local news as well as lots of the high caliber information that the University brings to the community – symposia, workshops and special events, guest lecturers will all be made available to the whole community through WUVI. WUVI is run primarily by UVI communication students under the supervision of a station manager and a Culture and Educational director under a Title III grant. The Station has an on-call engineer available for technical support. Management and staff are all under the supervision of the Project Director, the Chairperson of UVI’s Department of Communication, Art and Theatre, or a designated faculty advisor. Information on current Management Staff will be disseminated by the Station Manager. Student staff are normally required to register for the appropriate radio communication course offered during the semester in order perform management roles and other duties essential to operation.

WUVI AM 1090 was created under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Randall, Chairperson of UVI’s Department of Communication, Art and Theatre, and run by UVI’s top communication students. It uses a 250-watt transmitter that was formerly used by WGOD AM and broadcasts on AM 1090 with a signal that covers the USVI, the BVI and reaches all the way to Dominica and Puerto Rico. With strong support from UVI President David Hall, and with a Title III award funding, this new radio station materialized “out of thin air to on-the-air”—from a mere idea to a fully functional, real-time radio presence in the Virgin Islands community.

Radio Information:

Location: Virgin Islands

Language: English

Genres: Local Music

Web Site: www.wuvi.am