Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM and radioADL on digital is the media alternative for people curious about new ideas, issues, sounds, music and culture. We broadcast innovative, thought-provoking talks programs interspersed with good music for all music lovers. Programs are diverse and varied with a strong focus on news and current affairs, local issues, lifelong learning, arts and culture and community access.

Radio Adelaide was formerly known as 5UV, denoting its links to the University of Adelaide, the university where the radio station was originally located and started. Whilst Radio Adelaide is technically still owned by the University of Adelaide it is highly autonomous. The station is run by over five hundred volunteer station workers as well as a small amount of paid staff. Because Radio Adelaide is a community radio station, there are many program styles including comedy, music, etc. Because of this, Radio Adelaide uses strip programming to ensure some consistency and coherency. Programs on Radio Adelaide are provided by volunteers and also by access groups who pay for on air time. The largest purchaser of access time was “Student Radio” a collection of Radio Programs provided by university students from the University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of South Australia. After the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism the hours which Student Radio broadcasts have been reduced, making the “Roundabout” program the largest purchaser of access time.

Radio Information:

Location: Adelaide,Australia

Language: English

Genres: Adelaide, Culture, Alternative

Web Site: radio.adelaide.edu.au