99.9 Live FM

99.9 Live FM

99.9 Live FM is a local Christian-based community radio station, broadcasting to more than 25,000 NorthQueenslanders every week.

We broadcast mainstream and Christian contemporary music, and entertaining shows, using a combination of traditional and new media platforms. Program features include lifestyle segments, news and current affairs, interviews, bible teaching, and segments that focus on community. 99.9 Live FM was first established as an aspirant community broadcaster in April 1993. A full-time broadcasting licence was issued in August 1998.
99.9 Live FM believes the media influences community values. That is why we’re positioned as the only radio station in North Queensland that strengthens families and promotes individual self-worth through “quality of life” programming.

Everything about 99.9 Live FM is pro-family, which means…

NO… swearing
NO… smut, sleaze or innuendo
NO… racist, sexist or offensive material
NO… cynicism
NO… crude lyrics in the music
Just 100% clean, positive radio, that’s “safe” to play around the kids.


As a not-for-profit organisation we do not receive government funding or commercial revenue. Our main sources of funding are listeners’ donations, and limited on-air and website advertising from sponsors. Please support us with your tax-deductible donation.

Radio Information:

Location: Townsville, Australia

Language: English

Genres: Townsville, Christian

Web Site: www.livefm.com.au