Radio Agora

Radio Agora

Radio Agora is a one of the most famous online radio station on Klagenfurt, AustriaRadio Agora live broadcasting from  AustriaRadio AGORA is the only non-commercial radio station in Carinthia . The program is free of advertising and one-, two- and multi-lingual and is under the open access produced and designed by interested free radio makers from all ages and social groups.For the Slovene minority there during the day, a twelve-hour program offer in the Slovene language. 

Information: Until the 90s prevailed in Austria nor a broadcasting monopoly . Send only allowed the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).Private radio operators and enthusiasts alike had to because there was no way to obtain a license to send out of the underground.The pirate radio stations were born. The association AGORA availed the opportunity of Italy from a program to Carinthia / Koroška radiate. Under the name “Drugačni radio za Korosko / the other radio for Kärnten” 1990-1991 on Saturday and Sunday, a Slovenian-German language program has been sent. In 1990, AGORA (together with four other complainants a complaint against the broadcasting monopoly in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg , a, inter alia on the ground that the monopoly on radio access to the medium of radio, especially for minorities more difficult. 1993 came the breakthrough, as confirmed by the judgment of Lentia, the broadcasting monopoly in Austria was declared inadmissible. The basis of that non-commercial private radio stations (= free radios) could send and commercial private radio stations in Austria was laid. (First Private Radio In 1995, the commercial station “Antenne Steiermark” began broadcasting on).

In 1997 the association AGORA was planning to apply to the advertised radio approval for the “settlement area of the Slovene minority in Carinthia”. Since the commercial private radio station “Radio Korotan GmbH” wanted to apply the same authorization, the two applicants agreed on a joint request and agreed to in the case of the authorization to record the frequencies to twelve hours. To comply with the legal guidelines, according to which the radio authorization can not be divided but only awarded to an operator, the association AGORA and Radio Korotan GmbH founded a company that Agora Korotan AKO Lokalradio GmbH, were involved in both radio operators equally as members of , and the applicant as against Komm Austria occurred. 1998 Agora Korotan AKO Lokalradio GmbH, the company was approved and on 18 June 2001 the radio approval KOA GZ KOA 1.216 / 01-10 for an amendment to the Broadcasting Act granted to ten years. The Agora Korotan AKO Lokalradio GmbH remained until June 20, 2011 License keeper.

On 26 October 1998 (after issuance of the radio authorization) of the first broadcast of radio AGORA 105.5 carried. Under the slogan “Svež veter v Koroški eter / fresh wind in Carinthia ether” or “Svobodni radio AGORA / free radio AGORA” sent twelve hours program daily, based in Carinthia Slovene minority was involved from the start on an equal footing.

Radio Information:
Location: Austria Language: English
Genres: World Music, Jazz WebSite: agora.at