Radio Balkan EU

Radio Balkan EU:

Radio Balkan EU is one of the most famous online radio stations in Ex-Yu Diaspora, Austria. The radio broadcast various kind of latest Pop, Rock, Hits, etc. music. This is a very promising radio for the best-in-class action-packed music. They like to reflect the listeners’ preference in their programs and rightfully they do so. Radio Balkan EU live broadcasting from Austria.


It all started by accident. Radio Balkan EU has started a few years ago, but at the outset quickly gained great popularity, and we stayed still for YOU! Radio Balkan EU (the text RBEU) >> RBEU has started very few members, namely RBEU consisted of only the owners of the radio, and some friends who have occasionally led to the radio program, but since the interest in radio was great, we did not stop at that, since then, we have chosen only the best, highest quality leaders from around the world, and so done better and better team radio. We started with a conventional radio server with a minimal website, but the listening is increasing day by day, and we had to commute server, and the server is changed and a website. It was fine for a while, with that we find appropriate leaders gathered the best paradise that deserves more, here we are today, we are here. We have invested a lot of effort and resources, and both of you have made a maximum functional website with SEO and mobile optimization.

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Radio Information:
Location: Austria Language: English
Genres: Hits, Music, Pop WebSite: www.radiobalkaneu.com

Radio Balkan EU live