Radio Proton

Radio Proton

Radio Proton is a broadcast Radio station from the AustriaRadio Proton is a free, non-commercial community radio. It broadcasts round the clock a classic program Radio with focus specific programs, which are provided on the homepage of the transmitter in the form of a daily updated weekly overview for orientation. Radio Proton is a one of the most famous online radio station on the Austria.

Information:  The transmitter sees its roots in a scene of free print media, which have been established in the 70s in Vorarlberg with various publications. In the context of several pirate radio station which has been deposited before the official introduction of private broadcasting through the “opinion tracking apparatus’ public authorities are, the association had established to promote media diversity as a support association for free media in Vorarlberg. After the club did not come in the first licensing for the course and aconstitutional challenge joined against the Austrian Regional Radio Act (RRG), 1996 frequencies were advertised again. The contract was awarded in December 1997, the Federation of Vorarlberg communication and recreational centers for the supply area Bludenz (104.6 MHz), local radio Bludenz with a theoretical technical reach of 50,000 radio listeners.

While due to lack of funding and discontinuation forming premises meantime broke even the sponsoring organization, on the other hand found regular “radio meetings” instead. With the support of local radio Bregenzer GmbH and the Association of Free Radios Austria in March 1999, was a collaboration with 95.9 Music-Radio are closed. The first broadcast took place one day later, in complete dependence on the Bregenzer local radio that sent the prepared in private premises posts. In June of the same year a production studio in Dornbirn was based, since October 1999 Live broadcasts are from there.

Radio Information:
Location: Austria Language: English
Genres: Adult Contemporary, Community WebSite: www.radioproton.at