Radio Annick

Radio Annick

Radio Annick is a former local broadcasting in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Radio Annick is the people’s Choice online radio and fm radio station. They are Playing Soul, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, Blues and World music. Radio Annick provide the best of specialist music, community and arts programs. It is one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Radio Annick sent out on 103 FM between 1979 and 1986.

In 1979 Radio Annick was first the ether sent. Since then was forbidden by tenant radio broadcasts, it happened more than once that a broadcast was interrupted because it was a suspicious car with radar saw drive into the street. The transmitter crystal was briefly removed until the danger had passed and they could transmit further. A short-range with barely three streets, radio Annick soon grew into an understanding with the youngsters. After less than a half of the range covered only the city of Antwerp and the city center, to expand later to Great Antwerp. After a few years the owners decided it was time to go commercial. In 1982 the first advertisements were broadcast, provided by IPB RTL. This led to a split with the founder of the radio and the other guys. At the last joint broadcast from Hof Ter Lo took the founder retired from his brainchild and friends. Later, many of them went over to Radio Antigoon and swarmed later to other radio or television stations, or simply pulled off.

Radio Information:

Location: Belgium

Language: English

Genres: 60s, World Music

WebSite: www.radio-annick.be