Radio Scorpio

Radio Scorpio

Radio Scorpio live broadcasting from Leuven Belgium. Radio Scorpio is a one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Radio Scorpio the listener hears what other stations receive little or no place. During the day the station broadcasts non-stop alternative music off. In the eve Scorpio provides news and culture. From eight starts a series of specialized music programs. The transmitter runs solely on volunteers.

The name “Scorpio” refers not only to the scorpion in the logo, but also refers to as acronym for the objectives of the transmitter. SCORPIO stands for ‘Socio-Cultural Organization Regional Pluralistic Information Transfer. It is the oldest independent radio station from Belgium who is still on the air today.

Radio Information:

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Language: Dutch

Genres: Alternative Rock, Dubstep, Indie Rock

WebSite: www.radioscorpio.be