Meditation for sex

Meditation for sex:

Meditation also helps increase your sex appeal by keeping you focused. People who meditate learn to be mindful. They find it easier to keep their attention on a particular state of being. They are more aware of themselves and what goes on within. When you are centered that sends the signal of confidence out into the world.

The mindfulness developed through meditation also goes beyond a person’s inner world. When you learn to focus through meditation, that skill can be applied to other things. You can pay better attention to tasks, conversations and people.

The process is very similar in meditation and in sex: you get an inner urge or call and give yourself the time and space to sensuously explore. You create the safety to relax. It’s the best when there’s no demand for anything in particular to happen! You simply allow yourself to enjoy and gently unfold. You get interested. You focus on the intriguing sensory details, and as you pay attention your senses get turned on.

Meditation is a communion with you. You are finding what works for you – your rhythm, your body, your emotions. Its gentle, undemanding touch can help to heal any places of trauma, sexual wounds or inhibition. The secrets you learn in meditation will enrich your sensuality within yourself and how you choose to open sexually with another. Meditative awareness can be a rapturous lovemaking with the universe.

Start meditating now. You may not have to wait in anticipation of getting older to experience your best sex ever. If you ever had a motivation to start meditating, think of it this way. It may keep you sexually present, active and healthy forever.