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Radio Avaz is a new BosniaHerz online radio station. Radio Avaz broadcast 24 various kinds of latest folk Bosnia-Herz music. Stay connect on Radio Avaz. It’s the Source of your ultimate Entertainment.

Probably the most distinctive and identifiably “Bosnian” of music, Sevdalinka is a kind of emotional, melancholic folk song that often describes sad subjects such as love and loss, the death of a dear person, or heartbreak. Sevdalinkas were traditionally performed with a saz, a Turkish string instrument, which was later replaced by the accordion. Rural folk traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina include the shouted, polyphonic Ganga and “ravne pjesme” (flat song) styles, as well as instruments like a drone less bagpipe, wooden flute, and šargija. The gusle, an instrument found throughout the Balkans, is also used to accompany ancient Slavic epic poems. There are also Bosnian folk songs in Ladino, derived from the area’s Jewish population. Bosnian roots music came from the Middle Bosnia, Posavina, Drina valley, and Kalesija. It is usually performed by singers with two violinists and a šargija player. These bands first appeared around World War I and became popular in the 1960s. This is the third oldest music following after the sevdalinka and ilahija. Self-taught people, mostly in two or three members of the different choices of old instruments, mostly in the violin, sacking, saz, drums, flutes (zurle) or wooden flute, as others have already called.

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Location: Bosnian

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary

WebSite: kameleon.ba

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