Radio Pegasus FM listen to online radio stations

Radio Pegasus FM listen to online radio stations

Radio Pegasus FM is a Brazilian radio station that offers music and news. It has been broadcasting for over 20 years, since 1990. The slogan of the radio is “The voice of Brazil.”

Rádio Pegasus FM was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1990 by José Roberto Marques da Costa who had previously worked as a journalist and presenter on Rádio Jovem Pan AM.

At this point, Costa conceived the idea of creating his radio station. About all this, After he left Jovem Pan AM to protest against. Its new management structure.

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He wanted to create an independent media outlet. With no ties to any political or economical interests. Where journalists could speak freely without censorship.

Or interference from advertisers. In 1994, Costa sold 40% portions of the organization. Pegasus FM, The radio station is the first in Brazil to offer a set of programming dedicated.

Exclusively to the country’s diverse LGBTQ+ community.  Pegasus FM,  The show airs on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, And incorporates interviews.

With people who are making waves in queer culture both here and abroad. As well as discussions about gender identity, intersectional feminism, trans visibility, and more.

Rádio Pegasus FM is an independent radio station. That broadcasts out of Rio de Janeiro city center at Rua São Clemente 24A (near Praça Tiradentes).

Every Saturday from 10 am-2 pm and Sunday from 12 pm-2 pm. This space has been created for all In Brazil. In addition, there are many radio stations.

They play different genres of music. One such station is Rádio Pegasus FM. Overall, Which has a wide range of Brazilian music to choose from. In addition, listeners have the option to listen online.

Or then again on their gadget with an application for both Android and iOS. There is also a live stream Pegasus FM. At this, Where listeners can interact by contacting the DJ.

Or on the other hand, mentioning melodies through web-based media. This blog entry will investigate a portion of the ways. In which this station provides entertainment for its listenership base for Pegasus FM.

And how it distinguishes itself from other stations in Brazil. The four-hour daily show on Rádio Pegasus FM is a mixture of news, opinion pieces, and music.


The station broadcasts from the city of Itapema in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In 2006 they received an award for their programming. The Brazilian Association of Radio Broadcasters (ABERP).

Their motto is “we are with you,” and they hope to make people feel. As if there was “a friend at home.” As a Brazilian radio broadcast, Rádio Pegasus FM is devoted to giving education.

And an entertaining experience for its listeners. They broadcast in various formats, with their primary focus on sports and music. In addition, the programming schedule includes shows.

That range from political talk programs to the morning show ” Pegasus FM Primeira Hora.” Which provides listeners with up-to-date information about current events.

As perhaps the most mainstream station in Brazil. Rádio Pegasus FM has been around since 1977. What’s more, has developed into one of the biggest private telecom organizations in Latin America.

As well as having the option to tune into their radio stations. After that there, people can also listen through streaming services. Or watch live TV coverage on their website.

Brazil is a country with an eclectic culture, rich in history and tradition. The city of São Paulo is perhaps the most populated urban area on the planet. With over 11 million people living there.

It’s also home to Brazil’s first radio station. That plays exclusively Brazilian music. Rádio Pegasus FM (Pegasus Radio). With more than 60 thousand listeners daily and broadcasting.

On 107.3 FM, Pegasus Radio has become a symbol for all things Brazilian since. It was founded in 2001 by Gabriel Lopes de Souza. Tune into this blog entry to learn. What makes this radio broadcast so exceptional!

Radio contact info:

                   Location : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Language :  English
Social Link : Facebook Website : radiopegasusfm.com.br