Pop Music Chile

Pop Music Chile

Pop Music Chile live broadcasting from Chile. Pop Music Chile is one of the most famous online radio station on Chile. Pop Music Chile is a radio station that broadcasts fm program via the global Internet network. Pop Music Chile broadcasts their program with mid range equipment which ensures optimum sound quality and 99% continuous operation. Listeners can listen their beautiful programs anywhere there’s internet access.

Pop Music Chile points to a transversal audience that likes listening to classic 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000 with great forgotten songs, plus the top today, make a radio with the widest and varied programming, throught various styles and formats, and also we constantly strive to highlight established artists who are back on the music scene, are a taste for souvenirs and a commitment to what sounded tomorrow and always accompanied with excellent sound online.

The musical base is inspired by Gabriela FM Radio former Concepcion-Chile, werecall here his style and the best of your music files. Pop Music Chile born on Monday , July 5, 2010, created by Rolando Torres Conejeros. We have no profit motive, if a joy to develop this hobby fulfilled my best and tell commercial radio with passion and little time is possible.


Radio Information:
 Location:  Chile  Language: Spanish
 Genres: Pop
 WebSite: popmusicchile.blogspot.com