Radio Zero 97.7

Radio Zero 97.7:

Radio Zero 97.7  is one of the most famous online radio station in Chile. Radio Zero 97.7 broadcast various kind of latest Disco, pop, Top 40, dance, electronic, etc. music. Radio Zero 97.7 live broadcasting from Chile.


Radio Zero 97.7 is a radio station in Chilean located at 97.7 MHz of the dial FM in Santiago, Chile that is part of Dial Group, the division of radio stations COPESA. Its studios and offices are located in Av. Santa Maria 2670, 2nd floor, Providencia. Prior to his appearance in the dial operated the defunct Radio Viva. The sending party in 1995 as a competition for Rock & Pop, radio in those years enjoyed an absolute leadership in the youth segment. The first executive director of Zero was Jorge Mackenna and his first artistic director, Oscar Robayo (from Radio Viva). Both were brains and drivers of the station. As original announcers, artists include Rafael Araneda, Paula Hinojosa, and Enrique Evans. Currently, Zero is emerging as radio music purely electronic and alternative. In early 2007, due to the birth of Affection FM (another station Dial Group), the signal Zero is removed from cities across the country, leaving out Arica (90.3 FM), Iquique (91.3 FM), and La Serena / Coquimbo (107.3 FM). Subsequently, in early February 2010 , the signal is removed from Valparaiso / Vina del Mar (102.1 FM), frequency occupied until today by Radio Disney . A similar case in Concepción / Talcahuano (91.7 FM), where the signal was replaced by Radio Carolina, both stations belonging to the same radial consortium Dial Group.

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 Radio Information:
 Location:  Chile  Language: Spanish
 Genres: Disco, Pop, Top 40  Web Site: www.radiozero.cl