Celestial Stereo

Celestial Stereo

Celestial Stereo is one of the most famous online radio station on Colombia. Celestial Stereo live broadcasting from Colombia. They are online and live with their state of the art broadcasting equipment 24 hours a day to give their listeners a chance to enjoy quality music full of popular pop artists.

Celestial Stereo aim to impact thousands of families with a refreshing and simple message that motivates them to lead a different lifestyle, taking as a model the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, which will be useful for daily living. Celestialstéreo.com is a virtual radio station, which transmits music and word most of the day, with a completely different and refreshing programming. Oriented to carry positive, fresh and optimistic messages to its audience through an extensive musical variety that covers different musical genres.

The vision of Celestialstéreo.com is to present a different alternative in the cyberspace, highlighting the familiar values ​​and the conscience of a healthy live; Allowing our listeners to enjoy programs with high content of current, educational and entertaining information. Celestialstéreo.com develops an agile and varied programming. 70% of our programming is musical, and a large part of the remaining 30% is for our sponsors, for whom we offer a different style of communication; Where companies and professionals present their services as an important help to the community.

Radio Information:

Location: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genres: Pop

WebSite: www.celestialstereo.com