Olimpica Stereo Cali Listen to the Best online radio

Olimpica Stereo Cali Listen to the Best online radio

One of the best Colombian radio stations, Olimpica Stereo Cali. At this time, is currently streaming to mobile devices via its website. After having existed since 1986. this is a medium that is not very common in Colombia.

This is the only Colombian station that offers real-time music. All in all,  and in-depth reporting from the country’s most volatile regions.

For lovers of music and current affairs. As well as, listening to this station is like getting the hook to the very soul of Colombia.

Olimpica Stereo Cali Listen

The name “Olimpica Stereo Cali” is taken from the word”Olimpica Stereo Cali,”. Which means “music on air,” and “scope,”. Which means “radio.” The very name itself is enough to give any music listener.

At this time, an idea that this station is worth listening to. It is the combination of the two that makes this station unique and informative. Olimpica Stereo Cali is one of the few Colombian music channels.

At this time, on the airwaves that are both musical and topical. The station has been broadcasting for almost twenty years now. All in all, and during that period, it has developed a considerable listenership.

With each new season, listeners are assure of getting some of the freshest music on the air. A total of eleven different songs are played on this daily program.

All of which is dedicate to other Colombia and the South American countries that border it. The musical genre has embraced such varied sounds. This present time, like cumbia, rockabilly, folk, Latin jazz, country, salsa, and much more.

At a time, Every month, Olimpica Stereo Cali presents. At least one new song from Colombia and other South American parts.

Olimpica Stereo Cali in addition info data:

The station has also introduced several news reports. All in all, that are relevant to listeners living in the country.

These reports are done in Spanish and deliver by the director, Mauricio Evlampieff. As well as, Highlights include the day’s highlights, music videos, program reviews,

At this present time, and interviews with high-profile personalities. Who are either well known or only someone that? The station wants to feature on the air.

This is how Olimpica Stereo Cali became such a successful entity. The station has expanded its offerings to Colombia. At this time, and other parts of South America and even as far away as Australia.

One day, they wanted to feature a song that everybody knows. all in all and loves, “El Louie” by Lowlier de Lozier. Sadly, it was not to be.

At this present time, But it was just one of those unfortunate times. When director Mauricio decide to give. The rest of the cast something they know.

Instead, he gave them “El Louie,”. Which you can listen to in English on their website.
It is safe to say that Olimpica Stereo CaliColombia is very popular in this part of the world.

The station sends out over thirty songs a day, all in Spanish. This means that listeners can tune into this beautiful station anywhere in the world.

What’s most interesting about Olimpica Stereo Cali, though, is that you don’t have to use your laptop. Or even your phone to listen. All you need is an internet connection. At a time, and a credit card, and you are ready to rock.


Radio Information there:

Genres: Pop

Country: Colombia

Official Website: www.olimpicastereo.com.co


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