Olimpica Stereo Medellin
Olimpica Stereo Medellin

Olimpica Stereo Medellin

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Olimpica Stereo Medellin

Olimpica Stereo Medellin is one of the most famous online radio station on the Colombia. Olimpica Stereo audio Medellin stop mostly time play Warm, Salsa, Merengue, Vallenato new music. Olimpica Stereo audio Medellin live broadcasting through Medellin, Colombia. Olimpica Stereo audio Medellin likewise play 24hours various form of music makes.

The music of Colombia is an expression of Colombian culture, which contains diverse music genres, both traditional and modern, according with the features of each geographic region, although it is not uncommon to find different musical styles in the same region. The diversity in musical expressions found in Colombia can be seen as the result of a mixture of African, native Indigenous, and European (especially Spanish) influences, as well as more modern American.

Cumbia is a mixture of Spanish, Native Colombian and African music. The style of dance is designed to recall the shackles worn around the ankles of the slaves. In the 19th century, slavery was abolished and Africans, Indians and other ethnic groups got a more complete integration in the Colombian culture.

Cumbia is a complex, rhythmic music which arose on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. In its original form, cumbia bands included only percussion and vocals; modern groups include saxophones, trumpets, keyboards and trombones as well. It evolved out of native influences, combining both traditions.

Radio Information:

Location: Colombia


Genres: Music, Hits

Web Site: www.americastereo.net

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