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Olimpica Stereo Medellin

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Olimpica Stereo Medellin:

Olimpica Stereo Medellin has presented its music through Colombian radio stations. It is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional Colombian music that plays on all major radio channels.

Olimpica stereo en Medellin is not simply a simple Colombian radio station. Over the years, it has developed a loyal fan base among its listeners and gained a reputation as one of the best and most dynamic radio stations in the country. The musical talent of Olimpica Stereo Medellin is undeniable, with the ability to play both classical and modern music. The program director of Olimpica Stereo Medellin proudly states that they try to play everything in the range of musical instruments, from the classical Spanish flute to the modern musical instruments of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They even have their own classical violinist.

Olimpica stereo Medellin en Vivo continues to present its listeners with a musical expression that is a cut above the rest. Even when the rest of Colombian radio stations are striving for professionalism and producing exclusive and well-programmed programming, Olimpica Stereo Medellin strives to create a musical experience that is unique, artistic and socially conscious. For people who value culture and music, It is a radio station which is a treasure in Colombia. It has become a way of expressing the culture and also giving a voice to people who otherwise would never get the chance to express themselves.

The music Colombia can be a manifestation of Native civilization, which comprises diverse genres, both conventional and contemporary, as stated by the options that come with each geographical region, though it isn’t unusual to come across different musical personalities in precisely the exact same region. The diversity in musical sayings seen in Colombia may be regarded as the consequence of an assortment of African, indigenous Native American, and European (especially Spanish) effects, in addition to newer Americans.

Cumbia is a combination of Spanish, Indigenous American, and African American songs. The kind of dancing was made to remember the shackles worn around the bottoms of their slaves.

Cumbia can be an object of complex, rhythmic music that appeared on Colombia’s Atlantic shore. In its first type, cumbia rings comprised just percussion and vocals; modern classes involve saxophones, trumpets, keyboards, and trombones also. It evolved from indigenous influences, combining both customs.

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Radio Information:

Location: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genres: Music, Hits

Web Site: www.americastereo.net


Olimpica Stereo Medellin online
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