Tropicana Estereo listen to the best radio

Tropicana Estereo listen to the best radio

Tropicana Estereo also broadcasts from Bogota, Colombia. At this present time, Tropicana Estereo is one of the most popular online radio stations in the country. It plays a wide range of genres such as Latin, tropical, pop, etc.

This radio channel, which has received a good response from the viewers. As a matter of fact, is continuously developing playlists. This radio station officially uses Spanish.

As a matter of  Tropicana Estereo also runs a variety. That there, of informative programs that involve audience participation.

Tropicana Estereoplays a variety of music genres such as Latin, tropical, pop, etc. The genre of songs and plays very aware of the needs and preferences of the listeners. This radio station officially uses Spanish.

Tropicana Estero also runs a variety of informative programs. That includes audience participation. Although this may be true, By 2010 the station had changed.

Tropicana Estereo listen to the best radio in addition 

That there, Its format to tropical music stations outside Bogot. As well as, focusing on the propose reggaeton and urban genres. However, the Bogota station retains the original format.

Tropicana Estereo programming maintains local morning shows. Which are broadcast on each class frequency. All in all, content for a popular audience call Tropico, jokes, humor, weird news, and more.

Tropicana is a radio station broadcasting Tropicana exterior in Colombia. That there, inspire by tropical music such as hip hop, rap. At this time, and reggaeton music such as salsa, Marengo, and vallenato.

In 1992, Tropicana Estero was introduce as a station to growing music. Especially throughout Colombia, due to the acquisition. And subsequent transformation of Bienvida Estero.

  • Bogotá radio

Initially, in the city of Bogota, it was broadcast at 97.9 FM frequency. Basically, in 2000, he changes the frequency. Altogether This time with radioactive.

Above all stations that have just switch to an exclusive rock format. All in all, Tropicana Estereo has occupie 102.9 since EsteroFM frequencies in the Kundinamarka municipalities.

Such as Sowaca, Mosques, Fanza, Kota, Tenzo Chia, Cajichi, Tabio, Zipakuri, and Colombian capitals.

  • Other Cities in the history of radio

As a matter of fact, there Tropicana was establish in 1993. As well as, following the acquisition of the Unica stereo station in Coral Chain.

That there, on a 6.5 FM frequency basis in Tibasosa Municipality. As a matter of fact covering Tunja, Pipa, Duitama, Sogamoso, and surrounding municipalities.

With this acquisition, the frequency also changes from 7.5 FM to 6.6 FM. In 1999 the station exchange frequencies with Karakol stereo locate. At 107.3 FM in Nurs municipality.

In 2000, Tropicana Estereo expands its musical instruments to Manizales (105.7). Tropicana Estereo As well as, Pereira (100.7), and San Andres (97.5), replacing radioactivity in those cities.

Tropicana Estereo arrive in Honda in July 2001, 1Tolima 40 became. The flagship Honda by 90.5 by November 200T.

Tropicana Estereo stops broadcasting on Girardot in 2003. But came to Leticia at 93.9, in Kukuti it starts broadcasting at 100.7 frequencies.

After reaching 89.7.7 of the original 40.  That is to say, there and reach Ehslejo after La Valenata air.

That there, At 100.3 FM; In the same year. After Caracol Radio rente. The frequency of the radial system. As a matter of fact, It was established in the city of Santa Marta. As well as, With a frequency of 101.1 FM.

UrbanTropicana Estereo addition info

In early 2011, Tropicana Estereo changed its music format from tropical music in most cities to Urbano. With a program aim at teen audiences in those cities Preserving tropical genres.

All in  all, Bogota and some cities such as Buga, Cartagena, Ibague, Monteria, and Sogamoso. The hybrid configuration has been communicated.

Where they include classic classes with summer, despite civic music. In certain cities, the music design was the change to preserve. The brand, in any case,

It replaces the 40 major frequencies. The frequencies in the cities were oxygenating. The music format for adults in the cities. Where Tropicana Estereo began to operate was Urbano format.

  • Armenia: 90.7 FM HJCQ (music format change) of
  • Barranquilla: 89.1 FM HJCF (music format change)
  • Ink: 90.5 FM HJAF (music format change)
  • Bukaramanga: 104.7 FM HJYF (music format change)
  • Cocoa: 100.7 FM HJQH (Music format change)
  • Medellin: 102.9 FM. HJE71 Change music format)
  • Manijales: 91.7 FM HJHC (Los 40 Principal Replacement).
  • Pereira: 93.7 FM HJRE (replacement of Los 40 principal).
  • Poplin: 106.1 FM HJE 63. (Music format change)
  • Tunja 99.3 FM HJCW (replacement of Los 40 principal).

The transformation also included a slogan change for Bogota. With song and dance music, in other cities, it is in fashion and it is Fashion Boy!

  • 2013 in addition info there

On January 1, 2013, W Radio expanded the chain of stations in Bogot to end. With Radio Records, so Tropicana Estereo was replaced by Santa Marta 101.1 FM, Tunza 99.3 FM, and Pasto 97.1 FM W; 4.

Then Pastor Tropicana Estereo started broadcasting on 100.1 FM. At this time too after Cassack Radio took frequency rentals from. The Santa Fe radio network.

In May 2013, according to the Ministry of Public Works. “Two journalists have been fired from Karakool Radio Bucaramangar’s. As a matter of fact, there Tropicana Estereo station, and one has been granted.

The city said in a statement to the community following personal complaints. As a matter of fact, Due to which it has been classified as.

  • The return of Tropicana Adults as well as Tropicana Estereo

That there, Through the decision of the directors of Caracol Radio and Grupo Prisa Radio.

It was decided to expand Oxygen to all Colombian radio stations in Urbano. As well as, hence the programming. That urban Tropicana Estereo transferred to Oxygen Radio. In some cities, the frequency was changed by Oxygen,

As a matter of fact and in others. The music format was changed by saving the brand. That is to say, On December 3, 2013, several changes were made to the frequency. At this time of several brands of caracal radio ink,

so Tropicana Estereo Nagar ink disappeared 90.5 and made its frequency 40 mains. Tropicana Estereo adult replacement reaches 93.1.

  • On August 1, 2014, in Popeye 106.1. That is to say, there Tropicana Estereo combined its urban format. All in all, with oxygen, and continued. At the same frequency but with the adult format. On November 11, 2014:


  • In early November 2015, Tropicana Estereo arrived in the town of Melgar. With a 101.5 frequency transmitted to Tropicana Estereo Bogot for 101 magnification. That there, replacing La Vallenato for Bogot. With coverage of the center of the country.


  • That is to say, there On October 3, 2016, Tropicana Estereo sogamoso transferred. Its 107.3 frequency Sogamoso to Oxygen Urbana and occupied 88.6 frequencies with adult formatting.
  • 2017 in history

On March 1, 2017, Tropicana Estereo Kali reached 1110 AM. As a matter of fact, simultaneously generating a signal of FM’s 93.1 frequency. At that frequency, Ki Hubo Radio Broadcasting.

Which stopped broadcasting from January 31, 2016, to January 1, 2017. At the decision of C Karakool Radio, today it is called 1110 AM, now Tropicana Estereo.

2019 that there information Tropicana Estereo

As a matter of fact, Protestant station Vida FM stopped broadcasting. The same frequency that was acquired. By Prisa Radio Group, and the station returned to Pititito.

That is to say, there on May 1, 2019, following the 10110.8 FM frequency. In August 2019, Tropicana Estereo Cali stopped broadcasting. At a frequency of 1110 AM. On Caracal Radio after giving its frequency to its freedom merchants.

  • 2020 info history

At the end of October, the Tropicana Estereo frequency replace. The SM signal from Bassam at 930 AM from Manizales and 980 AM from Cassata in the morning.

While simultaneously replacing the original signals of its frequencies. At 105.7 and 89.7 FM, respectively. In Bucaramanga, the Tropicana Estereo AM radio rail system was replace.

By 1120 bar frequencies. Tropicana Estereo AM has a diverse and popular informative. That there, musical program in Bucaramanga.

Programming this radio

Each station in the Tropicana Estereo system presents programming for young and adult viewers. Now the station is focused on adults depending on the taste of where it is present in each city. With representatives always staying with a tropical base.

That is to say, there Some of the nationally recognized. As well as, programs are: Como Amanesi (city name). That there, Monday to Friday from 5 to 10 p.m.

  • Morning show with current music and information.
  • A Bekana Summit – Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm (Bogota)
  • Luchito and Adriana make you laugh at their presence.
  • That being said, Camino Al Barrio – La Troperat – Monday through Thursday from 5 pm to 8 pm.
  • For example, an Afternoon show. With music, humor, and traffic information about the city.
  • Los Dursimos – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Top 20 songs of the week among. The most requested songs by the listeners on the station.
  • Turn on the volume – Friday 8 am to 6 pm (next day) and Saturday 1 am to 6 am (next day)

At this time, Broadcast over the weekend with a mix of DJ John Marin. As well as, DJ Thomi Martinez, and the best party music.

El Vacil – Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The evening show with music and current information is old but delicious. At this time, Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 10 are with old music. But it makes us dance It should be noted. That the announcer and content of each program differ according to the city.

  • Tropicana Estereo Bogota FM history

In January 2023, Jota Flarez Tropicana Estereo appeared. As director of Bogota 102.9FM. The station embraces new music genres like Vallenato, popular and tropical music.

Which makes its programming a more diverse proposition. With salsa existing as the mainstream. That is to say, there Tropicana Estereo (Bucaramanga) is a radio broadcast.

By Tropicana Estereo in Bucaramanga. Above all, Colombia provides hip jump, rap, and reggaeton music powered by tropical music.  As a matter of fact such as Salamba, Merengu, E and Valenato.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genres: Latin, Pop

WebSite: www.tropicanafm.com

Tropicana Estereo