Radio Sinai

Radio Sinai

Radio Sinai live broadcasting from CostaRica. It is very popular throughout this country. It is a 24 hours live online radio channel playing rock, pop, Christian talk and news. Radio Sinai is one of the most famous online radio station on CostaRica.

Radio Sinai “The Catholic Radio All” is a radio station that carries the Word of God to the heart of each of the listeners; with our main mission, entertain and evangelize in the most active and dynamic as possible, making the message of Christ to reach more people and better way. Under the frequency 103.9 FM project ourselves to the whole country and the whole world via the Internet.

103.9 FM Radio Sinai, emerges as desire to meet the need of communication that existed since the creation of the canton of Perez Zeledon; remember that the pioneers of broadcasting in our county were Mr. Roger Sobrado and Gonzalo Jimenez Hurtado Araya. The Sobrado sir, installed the first radio station in San Isidro del General known as “La Voz del General” which opened on March 27, 1955 with the blessing of Bishop Delfin Quesada Castro, our first bishop. Since 1960 the name was changed to Universal Radio, due to the frequency change and the installation of a more powerful transmitter.

Radio Information:

Location: CostaRica

Language: English

Genres: News, Pop, Talk, Top 40

Web Site: www.radiosinai.org