Otvoreni Radio

Otvoreni Radio

Otvoreni Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on Croatia. Otvoreni Radio broadcasts 24/7,they play nonstop music, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft etc music live on the internet. The best well known DJ’s from Croatia plays energetic DJ songs. With having quality internet connection listeners can enjoy well-organized playlist and DJ songs from anywhere in the world at any place with Otvoreni Radio. To make the youth connected with the music world they decorate their playlist with songs that youth will love. chill out and get entertained with Otvoreni Radio.

Music program Open Radio is a combination of different musical styles, old and new, easy, moderate and hard tracks. Open Radio is a musical backdrop that accompanies you 24 hours a day: at work, while performing daily duties, while resting, learning, thinking, love, sleep, eat, the warmth and intimacy of your home, in your car, in your favorite mall and a small kiosk around the corner.

With Open Radio smiles, giggles, grins, smiles, laughs out loud, sniffling, whining, crying, looking pensively into the distance. Open Radio crept into every pore of daily life, it is impossible to avoid, it can only love and dance with him … .plesati … ..plesati …….

Radio Information:

Location: Croatia

Language: English

Genres: Hits, Pop, Talk

Web Site: www.otvoreni.hr