Cyprus Dub Community Radio

Cyprus Dub Community Radio

Cyprus Dub Community Radio is an online reggae radio station broadcasting from the island of Cyprus. CDC station aims in creating a platform for local, international DJs as well as sound systems and live acts to promote Reggae music with live and pre-recorded sets. Meet up with our community members. 

Foundation Roots Soundsystem playing Roots Reggae and Dubs since 2000 on the island of  Cyprus. The idea for creating the sound system came from their attendance at the UK dub scene during the 90’s. The new breed of sound systems such us The Disciples, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas and Jah Youth were just a few of the sound systems that influenced them at that time and gave them the urge to form their own “sound”. The need for spreading the Reggae sound system culture, not only for recreation but also for its power of conscious messages, is vital to them.

Inspired by the reggae and dub soundsystem culture, Jah Star Soundsystem is a “new” soundsystem on the island of Cyprus, based in Limassol. It took  around 3 years to build the first part of the system, since everything is self-funded and the speaker boxes are hand-made and custom built. After many years of playing conscious reggae, roots reggae and dub music Selector Red-I and Humble Lion have seen that the way forward is the way of the soundsystem. Their aim is to use the sound not only for entertainment purposes, but also for pointing out important social/spiritual matters and through the music to uplift the people attenting. It started as a solo project by Selector Red-I. After some time Humble Lion joined the soundsystem and today even more people are involved and support the sound in different ways.

Radio Information:

Location: Cyprus

Language: English

Genres: Reggae

Web Site: cyprusdubcommunity.blogspot.com