Astra 92.8

Astra 92.8:

Astra 92.8 online radio station live broadcasting from Nicosia, Cyprus. Astral 92.8 is one of the most famous online radio station on CyprusAstral 92.8 broadcasting 24 hours various kind of latest variety kind of news Greek pop music genres. It is a Radio-stage Co ltd’s ownership and is run by a board of members. It broadcasts all over Cyprus at the frequencies of 92.8 and 105.3.

The 7th of December 1994 was its first day “on air”.

ASTRAL was founded with a unique goal: to stand for the progressive and alternative voices in Cyprus radio community, providing the audience an alternative to the status quo of talk radio. Taking into consideration its progressive-left origin, ASTRAL deals with any intriguing and urgent topic, either it concerns local contemporary issues or global social threats and crises. For that reason actually, ASTRAL is well enhanced with a wide network of trustworthy and impartial correspondents in Europe and USA.

ASTRAL demonstrates particular sensitivity in matters such as the Cyprus dispute and its peacemaking efforts, the strengthening of relations between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and the elimination of all sorts of discrimination. Without excluding any kind of music, ASTRAL attempts to promote quality music and healthy entertainment, stimulating creativity and cultural excellence.

Strap’s cultural contribution has been recognized by both friends and competitors. Following our moot “ASTRAL is not only a radio station”, we organize every year various events such as poetry nights, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, trips abroad etc.

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Radio Information:

Location: Cyprus

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Top40

Web Site: astra.com.cy

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