Go FM live broadcasting from Aarhus, Denmark. The station started d. 6 October. 2008 Kl. 6:00. On the go! FM sends the news from morning to evening, sending both regional, national and international news. The radio channel can make numerous competitions, such are they doing each year: Østjyllands ugliest tattoo. It assumes that you have to send his picture into a tattoo, you really regret, and if so is deemed the winner, you get tattoo removed – without scars – without marks and totally free. To some competitions are plentiful. Go! FM sends very mixed music both pop, rock, r & b, rap and so on. Go! FMs program manager is Allan Würtz, who also previously worked in the radio world. Radio go! FM hits Approximately 82,000 every week.

Go FM radio with local content. Listen to FM 92.2 – 94.6 to 106.5 or 107.9, via internet radio, on You See cable FM 95.4 or Stofa Cable FM 88.4.

Radio Information:

Location: Denmark

Language: Danish 

Genres: Pop, Top 40, Hot Ac

Web Site: www.gofm.dk