Online Radio Cret San Miguel FM

Online Radio Cret San Miguel FM:

Online Radio Cret San Miguel is a broadcast radio station from the San Miguel, El Salvador of the Calena Christiana Creti Radio Network that provides Christian religious music, discussions, and programs.

Radio Cret Sun Miguel Corporation (PSE: SMC) is the holding company of a Filipino multinational publicly listed company. It is the largest corporation in the Philippines in terms of revenue, with more than 24,000 employees in more than 100 facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Its main product is San Miguel beer, one of the best-selling beers. At this present time, Production of San Miguel began with all in all operations beyond Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and at a time its markets.

At the moment, SMC has been out of focus since 2008 with a focus on core business. By all means, on fuel and oil (Petron Corporation). At one point, power generation and infrastructure as soon as possible.

Online Radio Cret San Miguel in addition info data:

At this present time, as soon as It was briefly involve all in all Philippine Airlines from April 2012 to September 2014. I want to tell you that in 1972 God put me at the heart of having a radio program, that time was very difficult for us as we are living life.

War, I arrived at a local station and when I told them it was for a Christian radio program, I was not told.

Then I went to another station and the manager told me that a month ago they had a place in a church, and that place was free, they paid me .5 68.57 per month.

It was difficult for us, but not impossible for God. We started on October 1, 1988 with the blessings of the mountain audience.

We received letters from the military as guerrillas. Who listened to this program, years passed and God reminded me that.

I was telling God what happen to my ministry and other priests, ministers. I told God give me a radio station of my own .

Radio Crete San Miguel is a radio station from. The Calena Christiana Crete Radio Network. At this present time, a well-known Christian religious music, discussion.

At a time and program provider in San Miguel, El Salvador. The program on music and it also makes Radio Crat. At this time,the ultimate radio to enjoy.

The top radio service of the 1080 AM class in a variety of popular. The radio is live non-stop and it has listeners with. It’s wide range of popular music programs that make.

The listeners very happy.

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