Raadio Kadi

Raadio Kadi

Raadio Kadi is one of the most famous online radio station on Estonia. Raadio Kadi live broadcasting from Orissaare, Estonia, providing  Adult Contemporary, World Talk and music.

Raadio Kadi Africa regional radio station that operates from in 1992 . In October. Radio Kadi is located in Saaremaa in Kuressaare , but the radio coverage will cover a large part of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa counties and extends from the western provinces. Thereby, the radio tuned Kadi three largest Estonian island: Saaremaa , island of Hiiumaa andMuhu island. Raadio Kadi is advertising radio.

Raadio Kadi became the newly independent Estonia’s first private equity created by independent radio stations outside Tallinn. The station in the early days there were no resources ( Records and skilled people), and to the local station played music too does not become a chore, switching some time in agreement with the Estonian Radio, every hour public radio scheme. 

The station took its name from the year 1992, ceased operations in Kadi from the TV. The TV channel, in turn, was named Raul Pikkani daughter. Consideration was also variants such as Radio Saaremaa, Kuressaare radio, but in those days it seemed makers in the journalistic sense, created an important voice of the station can not meet, therefore, was elected preceding less pretentious name. It was originally a local radio Kadi, Kuressaare-centered radio station is later expanded regional coverage. Radio scheduling since inception news, which helped prepare the local population, such as sending messages by fax station. 

Radio Information:

Location: Estonia

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary , World Talk

Web Site: www.kadi.ee