Groove FM Finland

Groove FM Finland

Groove FM Finland live broadcasting from Helsinki, Finland. Groove FM Finland broadcast various kind of soul, funk, blues and jazz music. Groove FM Finland is one of the most famous online radio station on Finland.

Groove FM was started in 1999 in Helsinki and Hyvinkää attributable to a radio station that plays the rhythm of music. Groove FM has had a “different” radio station’s reputation to specialize in Afro-American music , but it has added more and more the share of conventional pop music into playlists, from which it has received criticism. Groove FM’s sister channels are Radio Finnish pop and Metro Helsinki . In late 2009, Groove made a channel in conjunction with the reform of the listeners and the current focus on the music channel ’80s seoul – and the rhythm of the music. The channel plays include a 80-century artists: Bee Gees, Rick Astley, Boney M, ABBA and Tina Turner.

6. In November 2013, Groove FM frequencies former launched a new, specifically targeting social media users active radio channel Loop. Groove FM was transferred to Helsinki temporary frequency 92.2 MHz. 10. january 2014 Groove FM started using Radio Helsinki’s old frequencies are 88.6 MHz in Helsinki and the north of the city of 89.4 MHz. 10. May 2016, Groove FM turned into nothing more than an online radio channel, and former FM frequencies are transferred to the new Pearl Broadcasting. The channel be hosted operate until the end of the 2015 Minnie Salminen, Mika Kankaanpää and Kaisa Siirala. At present, the channel does not presenters.

Radio Information:
 Location: Finland  Language: Finnish
 Genres: Blues, Jazz, Soul  Web Site: www.groovefm.fi