Radio Dei

Radio Dei

Radio Dei live broadcasting from Finland. The radio happens to be very popular in her very short matter of broadcasting time throughout Finland. Radio Dei serves their particular community with programs that they’re fond of and furthermore their choices of music is usually very nice, which their listeners loves a great deal. Their playlist contains songs most from worldwide singers.

Radio Dei was founded by Kirsi Rostamo, and it started was launched on 3 November 1997 in Helsinki. The Latinname means “the radiation of God.” At the beginning of Rostamo auxiliary force of four cooperation partners and one employee. Aloitusvuonnaan station produced 500 000 DM losses and Rostamo self-employed without pay were invested in the property position. The station reached breakeven after four years of operation. Kirsi Rostamo got the church communication award in 2000 and the Golden Gospel Award 2008 .

In 2004 the status of a coverage area, extended from the Capital Region to the Arctic Circle to and within range of 3.2 million people lived. Taloustutkimus, according to the metropolitan area of about 46% of the population listened to the position, at least occasionally, and to the north by the amount of occasional listeners increased, reaching a weekly 190 000 Finns. In 2005, the coverage area of coverage was about four million people. In 2006 position was already fourteen localities and it was estimated to be about 75 000 daily listeners, as well as more than 12 employees. Radio Dei received a new license for the period 2012-2019. In 2014, the channel had 200 000 listeners per week, 19 workers [11] and 20 frequencies.

Radio Information:
 Location: Finland  Language: Swedish
 Genres: World Music  Web Site: www.radiodei.fi