Ado Fm

Ado Fm

Ado Fm live broadcasting from the France. Ado Fm is one of the most famous online radio station on the France. Although this radio channel is licensed as a music station, much of its schedule consists of secular music programming, including Hip Hop. Ado Fm also have several information based programs that are of interest to its core demographic including audience reports .

Info: Ado FM is a station radio Parisian specialized R’n’B transmitting on Paris and Île-de-France on 97.8 MHz and on Toulouse on93.1 MHz . Ownership of the 1981 Group , it adheres to SIRTI .

It is created by Isabelle Da (real name Isabelle Ciron) in 1981 as a community radio station. Originally, it was to provide a radio made entirely for teens by teens. But this resort is so characteristic of the saga of free radio will not survive its creator following the death of Da Isabella died in 1996, it was bought in 1996 by Radio Concept Group subsidiary 1,981 Group (owner of Vibration ) which with its program director Bruno WITEK, transforms it into commercial music station format hip hop and R’n’B. She is now the first local radio cumulative audience of Paris and its suburbs, heard daily by over 420,000 listeners.

Concept: Ado FM develops an original universe centered around a musical program firmly focused on R & B and urban culture. The radio format is also used to Bordeaux with Black Box .

Ado FM is also characterized by its presence and operations in the field. The “outputs chest” are discovering the radio by artists move in colleges or high schools. Students are placed in competition via social networks, to bring the artist of the moment at the exit of their establishment. Many singers were able to meet their fans for years (Sexion Assault, The Weasel, Maitre Gims, Jason Derulo, Sultan, Kenza Farah, Sinister …).

Always in a spirit of close, FM Ado allows listeners to be in contact with their favorite artists, through private concerts regularly.Once again, the biggest French urban artists performed on stage private FM Ado: Booba, Rohff, Sexion Assault, The Weasel, Orelsan, Youssoupha, Zaho, Kery James, Mister You, Kenza Farah …

From September 2012 (August 28), Ado FM has decided to create and develop a unique program format on the time slot 21h / midnight with the talkshow “Bob told you the truth,” hosted by Bob Bellanca . During this interactive program, experts, witnesses, investigators and auditors selected intervene on the themes of strange paranormal investigation of aliens, secret societies, facts and unexplained events, etc. This issue ends July 26, 2013 to make way for a music program, but is pursued by Bob Bellanca in September 2013 as an Internet radio independent.

Radio Information:

Location: France

Language: French

Genres: Hip Hop, Mix

Web Site: www.adofm.fr