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Adom FM:

Adom FM one of the most popular online and offline radio stations broadcast around the world most popular in Ghana. Adam FM the most popular broadcasting program is News and other Variety of Entertainment and various popular radio program all day lang 24×7 live.

The northern musical traditions belong to the wider Hegelian musical traditions. It features a mix of melodic composition on stringed instruments such as the LOGO lute and the gooey fiddle, wind instruments such as flutes and horns, and voice; with poly rhythms clapped or played on the talking drum, gourd drums or brevetted bass drums. The tradition of gaily music (Balaton) is also common, especially in northwestern Ghana around WA and Laura. Music in the northern styles is mostly set to a minor pentatonic or chromatic scale and Melissa plays an important part in melodic and vocal styles. There is a long history of either grit or praise-singing traditions.

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Location: Ghana

Language: Ghana

Genres: News, Entertainment, Politics

WebSite: www.adomonline.com

Live radio Adom FM