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Sankofa Radio

Sankofa Radio live broadcasting from Kumasi, Ghana. Sankofa Radio broadcast various kind of latest World Music, Local News. Sankofa Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on Ghana. They loves and respects their own music and musical trend and it reflects in most of their day long programs.

Sankofa Radio is an akan word that literally means “Go back and fetch it”. It is an African wise-saying that symbolizes learning from the past to build the future. A subsidiary of Sankofa Media Group, Sankofa Radio seeks to cater for the evolving needs of our listeners and the changing landscape of the media market. We will engage in stimulating and thought provoking conversations on issues affecting our community. We will use this forum to educate, inspire, and entertain through culturally relevant quality programming that reflects the diversity of our country, its people and its different local dialects. We will broadcast our programs in many of our local dialects to reach a broader audience.

Sankofa Radio seeks to cater to the evolving needs of our listeners and the changing landscape of the media market. Our presence via the Worldwide will enable us to reach every corner of the globe to share in the rich culture of Africa. Sankofa Radio also provides a platform for business owners to share their creativity and talents with people all over the world. Our aim is to become the home for breaking news, music and educative programs to the African community abroad 24/7. We hope to become the voice of reasoning and provide development opportunities to the underrepresented through quality programming. We will also serve as an outlet for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and quality music.

Radio Information:

Location: Ghana

Language: English

Genres: World Music , Local News


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