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Radio Ginen:

Radio Ginen is popular music, politics, and social commentary type of radio station based in Port-au Prince. The station is managed by Tamara Smith and is dedicated to bringing you a variety of news, sports, information, and entertainment from the island nation of Haiti. The goal of Radio Ginen is to bring you new stories, information every day about the life of the people living in Haiti and around the world. The good people of Haiti have a variety kind of access to information all throughout the day through different mediums such as radio, newspapers, internet, TV, and community based television programs. This article will give you an inside look of what is being broadcasted through this popular online radio station that you may be listening to.


Most of the programming that is broadcasted on the airwaves is news, current affairs, cultural information, music, and entertainment. All of these are very popular topics of conversation among people that are listeners of this popular media outlet. Tamara Smith has brought some of her expertise and news talk back to Haiti through this station and it has been very successful thus far. She has brought a variety of news stories, breaking news, interviews, and even some musical performances that have been recorded and are given away for free on the air.


Radio Ginen has brought a variety of guests on their airwaves including former President Bill Clinton, Amy Grant, Senator Patrick Leahy, Mr. Jean Baptiste, Rene Lacroute, Kikiya Kidanes, Desiree Caputo, and more. There are also special talk shows that allow guests and audiences to ask questions and get answers from someone that is very knowledgeable in their field. These radio shows provide a unique and one-of-a-kind perspective that most people are not getting when they are listening to the traditional media. So if you want to listen to an interesting radio show that provides a unique perspective on things that are happening around the globe, tune in to Radio Ginen for all your news, information, and entertainment needs.

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Location: Haiti

Language: English

Genres: News, Talk

Web Site: radiotelevisioncaraibes.com

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