Radio gamma international

 Radio Gamma international

Radio Gamma international is a Haitian. The radio station that broadcasts in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They are committed to informing the public of local news and issues. As well as playing popular music for their listeners.

Radio Gamma international is a radio station. In Haiti, that has been broadcasting since 1955. It was founded by Gerard Magloire and ever since then.

After all, It has been a source of information for the Haitian people. RadioGamma International’s frequency ranges from 88-108 MHz (AM), 252-254 MHz (FM). And 216-220 MHz (SW).

Radio Gamma international in addition info:

The station’s goal is to provide accurate news and messages. About social development to Haitians at home and abroad.

They have always strived to be an active player in defending. All in all, Democracy against any dictatorial regime or military coup d’état.

This blog post will talk about the radio station RadioGamma International. It is a Haitian-owned radio station. That operates on 89.5 FM and has been broadcasting for over 20 years.

This blog post will also discuss how this radio station is currently. At this time, Fighting against corruption in Haiti has caused. The people of Haiti to suffer immensely.

At this time, The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). As well is one of many organizations. That has helped support. This causes this by providing much-needed resources. Such as radios and antennae.

In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. There is new hope for the country. Radio Gamma International (RGI) is an organization.

That provides educational and entertainment programming to Haitians. On the radio station 99.5 FM in Port-Au-Prince. They aim to improve.

The quality of life for all Haitians. After that there, By providing access to information and stimulating. Radio Gamma International, Thought through their programs. They have over 100 volunteers.

Who works tirelessly across Haiti. Radio broadcasting 24 hours per day to reach listeners. Throughout the country with news, music, and talk shows.

RGI supports schools’ efforts by providing teachers. With educational materials such as books and notebooks. So students can learn how to read and write again.

After their school was destroyed during the earthquake. They also provide food items like

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Location: Haiti Genres: Haitian, Community, Talk, Culture
Language: English Web Site: Radio Gamma international


Radio Gamma international